‘Tracker’ Offers Fans ‘This Is Us’ Dream Reunion On Finale

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Fans of This is Us just got a dream reunion thanks to the season finale of the show Tracker. The finale saw two beloved actors reunite on screen for the first time since This is Us, and it was a sweet moment that reminded viewers of the chemistry they shared in that series.

Here is a look at the reunion and what happened on Tracker’s season finale.

Tracker Season Finale Sees This Is Us Reunion

The Tracker season finale saw a big reunion for fans of This is Us. Jennifer Morrison joins Justin Hartley for the finale, and that should be a great moment for fans of both shows. Justin played Kevin while Jennifer played Cassidy in This is Us and the new promo for the Tracker finale sees them back together again.


Jennifer Morrison on This is Us / YouTube

Not only that, but Hartley previously said that Morrison would be playing a “key role” and an “old family friend” from when they were kids (via Collider). “That whole family dynamic leaks out a little bit through her experience with him in the finale,” Hartley said.

What happens in the finale is that Hartley’s Colter will investigate the disappearance of two storm chasers. One of them is the daughter of Morrison’s character, Lizzy Hawking. The local police believe the daughter drowned, but Colter believes there might be more to the disappearance.

The synopsis says Colten will “uncover the seedy underbelly of a small town resort.”

Morrison is not the only big guest on Tracker. Justin Hartley’s wife Sofia Pernas (The Brave) appeared as a fellow tracker earlier this season. Jensen Ackles (Supernatural, The Boys) will appear in next week’s episode as Colter’s estranged brother Russell. Mellisa Rosburgh (Manifest) was on the show last week as Colter’s sister Dory.

What Has Jennifer Morrison Done Since This Is Us?

While Justin Hartley moved straight into Tracker after leaving This is Us. The rest of the cast have also moved on to other things. Jennifer Morrison played Cassidy Sharp on This is Us as a recurring character who actually hooked up with Hartley’s Kevin at one point.

Before this, she made her name with her role as Dr. Allison Cameron on House, M.D. She appeared on that show for six seasons, as one of the main original cast members before leaving before Season 7 began. She then took on one of the lead roles in the ABC fantasy series Once Upon a Time, where she played Emma Swan for six seasons.

After This is Us, Morrison was in the pilot of the series Will Trent, but she only appeared in two other episodes and didn’t end up as a major part of the show. She has also moved behind the camera and directed three episodes of the miniseries Dr. Death in 2023.

Are you excited to see Jennifer Morrison and Justin Hartley back together again in Tracker? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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