Netflix Making Major Changes To ‘NCIS’ Streaming Options

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Netflix has changed its mind concerning the hit TV show NCIS. The streaming giant had said that it was removing the series completely at the end of June. This upset many fans, as it remains one of the most watched shows on television, and that includes on Netflix. The good news is that Netflix won’t remove the entire series.

Here is a look at what Netflix is doing with NCIS and when it goes into effect.

Netflix Will Keep Some NCIS Seasons After June

The original news stated that Netflix was removing NCIS from the streaming service at the end of June. It wasn’t much of a surprise since Paramount+ is the official home of the show and has the new episodes up after they air on CBS. However, for past seasons, the two streaming services shared the show.

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That will remain true after June, now. However, it will only be a small number of seasons remaining on Netflix. The network already was missing newer seasons, and only had the first through the 15th season available. Anyone who wanted to follow the seasons after that had to go through Paramount+. Now, the news has changed. The only seasons leaving Netflix are Seasons 1-11. This means all that is left on Netflix will be Seasons 12-15, just four in the middle of the show’s run.

While no reason was given, the cutoff for the seasons makes it pretty obvious. CBS wants anyone who wishes to see Tony and Ziva together to watch it on Paramount+, not Netflix.

Tony & Ziva NCIS Spinoff Series Coming

NCIS: Tony & Ziva is coming to Paramount+, bringing the two fan favorites back together again. They will be on a huge adventure in Europe when someone attacks and kills people at Tony’s security company and the two flee to protect their daughter and themselves from whoever wants them dead.

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What that has to do with Netflix is simple. The Tony and Ziva story began in Season 3 when she showed up to replace Caitlin Todd. It was a tough transition since Ziva’s brother killed Caitlin. However, Ziva shot her brother to save Gibbs and earned her spot on the team.

Tony and Ziva began their long relationship at that point, and it all ended in Season 11 when Ziva appeared to have died. Her last full season on the show was Season 11, which means her entire main run will no longer be on Netflix.

Ziva returned in a cameo appearance in Season 16 and was recurring in Season 17. Those are also not on Netflix. NCIS: Tony & Ziva will be the characters’ first time back together since Season 11. If anyone wants to catch up on Ziva’s run, none of her appearances will be available on Netflix.

Are you disappointed that every Ziva NCIS appearance is leaving Netflix at the end of June? More so, are you excited about the spinoff on Paramount+? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. This sounds so petty, childish. I watched Netflix every night for NCIS and my favorite is starting with season three, All the episodes are already on there, so what difference is it make? Why remove them? we pay close to $20 a month for Netflix . Miss really makes me sick .

    1. CBS is being real jerks! They are canceling the most popular show Blue Bloods after 14 seasons! Now they are forcing people to watch NCIS on Paramount. The new head of Paramount Entertainment Amy Reisenbach is a control freak. She is going to cause the demise of CBS and Paramount +

  2. CBS is being complete idiots. first they cancel Blue Bloods and now this with N.C.I.S. Dont they realize w/o thesen2 shows there is NO reason to turn on CBS. people will just record “Elsbeth” and watch later. no other reason to turn on CBS

  3. CBS and Paramount + have been block in the Caribbean, in other word’s Dish networks. even if you try to obtain Paramount + via Walmart, it’s blocking the signal and your subscription has to continue. This is not negotiable because Walmart and Paramount aren’t helping at all when you call them (customer service). And I agree with most of these people evaluating there concerns towards CBS and Paramount + ,by canceling many hits programs just because of a power controller network. As many of us i.e. paying customers,…(Netflix, prime,Apple +, Hulu,Disney +) we deserve to obtain Paramount + in the island of Puerto Rico
    all the above-mentioned are available, except Paramount + and CBS.And Dish of Puerto Rico continues to drag its policy on the contract within CBS and Dish. By raising its prices and removing many programs at a hire price.

  4. Cancelling my subscription to Netflix. NCIS is my favorite show. Bonehead move on the part of Netflix.

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