Does Kody Brown Hope Janelle & Meri Will Leave Him Too?

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Sister Wives fans already know that Kody Brown is more or less done with polygamy at this point. After decades of living a plural family lifestyle, he really only has eyes for Robyn these days. Now that Christine is gone, what will he do about Meri and Janelle?

Believe it or not, some fans online think that Kody is secretly hoping that they’ll leave him too. See what they had to say.

Kody Brown is visibly tired of having multiple wives

When Sister Wives first premiered, Kody Brown loved the idea of having multiple wives and a large family. But after 16 seasons, he’s definitely grown weary of the lifestyle. Is it possible that he just wants to get out and be on his own now?

Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Kody Brown/TLC

“I think Kody would leave all the wives if it wouldn’t make him look like ‘the bad guy,'” one Redditor proposed online recently. “Honestly maybe even Robyn at this point. He has been miserable with Meri for at least a decade and we know he has been filled with contempt for Christine for the better part of that same decade. Janelle hasn’t been a romantic partner for at least a decade either…maybe even ever (despite the amount of children they have).”

The OP goes on to allege that Kody once thought of Robyn as his “shiny new toy” and he’s grown tired of her. Now, he sees her as he sees the other women. The Redditor thinks that he would just leave them all if it wouldn’t completely sully his reputation.

Sadly, it seemed as if many other Redditors agreed with the OP. Kody Brown just doesn’t seem interested in being married at all these days.

“He’s constantly saying that they can leave but he can’t. But…he has left them,” someone else added. “He [barely] sees or speaks to Meri, he isn’t intimate with Janelle anymore and for the last year has spent most of his time with Robyn. That’s leaving, pal.”

Do you agree with the Sister Wives fandom here? Be sure to leave your own ideas in the comments below.

The family patriarch feels “betrayed”

Teasers for Sister Wives Season 17 reveal that the Brown family is absolutely imploding on itself. No one is happy and Christine just really wants out. New trailers reveal that Kody says Christine “betrayed” him and he’s incredibly hurt by her departure.

Kody Brown & Christine Brown from TLC
Kody & Christine Brown/TLC

But is Christine really the one to blame here? After decades of mistreatment, many fans think that Kody pushed her away and out of the family. It’s not entirely unthinkable that he might be trying to push out Meri and Janelle too.

Stay tuned for more information on Sister Wives and the Brown family. The newest season kicks off starting September 11 so check back for more updates very soon.

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  1. I think he’s through with them.I believe he feels they are to old for him.He wants a woman that can still give him children.So yes he wants them to leave him

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