‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Renewed Or Canceled For Season 5?

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The Season 4 finale of Seeking Sister Wife just aired. Yet die-hard fans of the TLC guilty pleasure are already wondering if the show has been renewed for Season 5. Read on for the answer to that question and some spoilers from the finale.

Is Seeking Sister Wife Renewed?

There were many questions and concerns if the reality series would be coming back after Season 3. So many controversies happened with the Snowden family. They had been with the show since Season 1 and then were accused of domestic abuse as the season was airing. It could have spelled disaster but luckily, enough fans wanted the show back. Sadly, viewers questioned what SSW would be like without fan favorites, the Winders. They acknowledged that the show was going in a different direction and understood why they were not returning. It was a crazy season filled with many highs and lows but is that enough for it to come back again?

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The Winder Family

The answer is that it is still up in the air. It has a big enough fan base to come back for another season. However, the cast is where it gets tricky. Fans really would like to see the Winders back again but they have seemingly moved on to greener pastures. This season leaned much more toward the idea of polyamory rather than polygamy. Furthermore, most of the couples had interesting backstories. Yet, the Winders were genuinely in polygamy for the right reasons thus they never could have fit in.

Who Would Return?

If there were to be a Season 5 of Seeking Sister Wife, a few couples from this season could return. Based on the finale, the Merrifields are back on the dating scene. They are currently courting someone new from Brazil and hope to meet her in November. This would allow for ample time to have TLC document their trip to Mexico to meet this new potential sister wife. Though the Davis family had a happy ending, they are also dating someone new so this would work well to bring them back.

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Garrick Merrifield

The Foleys seemed to lack interest from fans but they are courting, as well so they could be good additions. There might be too much scandal behind the Epps family so it may be best to stay away from them. Finally, it appears that Sidian and Tosha Jones are making it official with Arielle. Therefore, there is no need for them to come back. This opens the door for some new couples. So, if the show is renewed, who would you like to see come back? More so, would you like a Season 5?

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