‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Did Roberta Finally Make It To America?

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The Season 4 finale of Seeking Sister Wife has finally aired. It mainly focused on two couples: the Davises and the Merrifields. It should have been a happy episode for both families. Unfortunately, it did not quite work the way they all had hoped. Did Roberta bite the bullet and officially come to America? Read on for a spoiler ahead.

Seeking Sister Wife Starts With Heartbreak

The last time the Merrifields saw Roberta, they were in Brazil and they had bought her a plane ticket. She had a finite window in order to get her visa and come to America. Yet she made that promise she was coming and nothing would stop her. As the episode began, words appeared that indicated production was supposed to be there as she made her way to America. Then, the couple got a text that rocked their world. Roberta was not coming. Dannielle sat there, sobbing and screaming as she felt that she had been lied to.

Seeking Sister Wife/YouTube/The Merrifields

Bert claimed that they were sisters but it was completely false and a waste of both money over three years of their time. Both Dannielle and Garrick gathered together for their confessional to explain what had happened. Prior to her arrival date, she had asked Garrick for a large sum of money. Then, she sent the breakup text after it had cleared. It was later discovered that the sum was around 10K and they had been sending her money all along. Honestly, fans were not surprised and actually claimed they wished they felt worse about laughing at Dannielle.

Seeking Sister Wife/YouTube/The Merrifields
Garrick and Dannielle

However, the couple was devastated that they had been scammed by her from the beginning as they had been supporting her monthly. Additionally, Dannielle couldn’t believe she and Garrick divorced to help Bert come here. Furthermore, they had built this larger home to accommodate another wife and a sister room for Dannielle and Bert. They then had to move all of Dannielle’s stuff back to the master bedroom but had this intense feeling of betrayal.

Where Do They Stand Now?

To Dannielle, the Seeking Sister Wife couple had married Roberta in Mexico, though not legally binding. It was really hard to tell her family that Bert was not coming though one member was not shocked at all. There was a mix of sadness and anger that someone could hurt the couple as she did. Plus, she had been introduced to Dannielle’s family and they had embraced her. The Merrifield children even cared for Bert so it was a domino effect. Bert claimed that Garrick being with Lea was too much for her but it is no different than her being with him as Dannielle sat by and watched.

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In the end, the couple decided that they still wanted to pursue this lifestyle and God just felt Bert was not the right fit. At the ending credits and update, it revealed that they were seeing someone new. She is from Brazil, as well. The fact that Roberta was a scammer should be no surprise as TV Shows Ace speculated this was the case earlier in the season. Are the Merrifields possibly priming themselves for another season?

Would you want to see them on Season 5 of Seeking Sister Wife, if there is one? Let us know in the comments below.

*If you have yet to watch the finale, it airs tonight on TLC.

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