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‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Is The Davis Family Truly Polygamous?

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Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife introduced the Davis family. Their dynamic was quite different from what viewers had seen before. Every week, it seemed to evolve. Now, with the season coming to an end, their identity as a unit is being questioned. Are they truly polygamous or more so polyamorous? Read on to find out why some believe it is the latter.

Seeking Sister Wife’s The Davis Family, More Polyamorous?

When the Davises started the season, they were already courting Danielle. Yet, there was a lot to unpack with April, Jennifer, and Nick. April and Nick had been together for over a decade and were raising her teen son from a previous relationship. Jennifer came in almost five years ago through work. The two women ended up marrying each other and then took Nick’s last name since it was the easiest way to unite the family. With Danielle, Nick wanted to ensure she would marry the next woman they brought in as proof of her commitment.

Seeking Sister Wife/YouTube/The Davis Family
April, Nick, Jennifer

She eventually agreed though the initial idea of marrying a stranger was a lot to handle. In the latest episode, Danielle’s friend, April came around. According to Starcasm, she seemed to only know that the Davises were “poly.” Plus, she feared that Danielle would be pushed aside with more people joining in. The new addition to the Davis family admitted she does love women so it seems it is not a problem for her if they keep adding wives. However, the way that they all choose to sleep together and interact is less polygamous and more polyamorous.

One Bed, Many Wives

This Seeking Sister Wife family is not typical polygamists. Recently, they were seen looking for a bigger home. Something that was essential was that the master bedroom was big enough for their new bed. Furthermore, they were having one custom made to fit all of them. From the beginning, Nick, April, and Jennifer all shared one bed which was something Danielle was going to have to adapt to. Yet, when it came to intimate moments, Nick and his lady were alone until the deed was done.

Seeking Sister Wife/YouTube/The Davis Family
April Davis

Typically, in a true polygamist relationship, beds are not shared and everyone splits intimate time up with their husband. More so, Nick is not legally obligated to any of the women as they are the breadwinners. He stays at home and his job is to think. They try to avoid a hierarchy that is, again, very atypical but it seems to work for them. At this point, they are getting ready for a commitment ceremony with Danielle. This will take place on the Season 4 finale.

Do you think they are more polyamorous than polygamous? Let us know in the comments below and watch Seeking Sister Wife Sundays on TLC.

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