‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Fans Want Winders Back, Will They Return?

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When the Seeking Sister Wife cast list for Season 4 was released, one family was noticeably missing. Though the Merrifields and Joneses were returning, the Winders were not. This made longtime viewers question if they wanted to watch any longer. With the new season underway, it is apparent that their presence is missed more than ever.

Seeking Sister Wife Fans Fall In Love With The Winder Family

It was admittedly a slow warm-up when the Winders first appeared in Season 2 of the hit TLC reality series. Husband Colton was deemed boring and somewhat dry. At the time, he was married to Tami and they had one toddler daughter, Sadie. He was also married to Sophie but she lived in her own home. It was a big adjustment but their goal was to attempt to come out as a plural family in their neighborhood without shame. They took baby steps like going to the market or the park. Though they were looking to add another wife to the family, being transparent was more important.

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By Season 3, they were all living under one roof with Sophie expecting her first baby. By this point, they had found a potential third wife, Kimberley, and were really hopeful. Unfortunately, the pandemic halted her coming to visit as soon as they had hoped but when she did, Colton did not feel the connection. The Winders did this based on their religious beliefs, they were respectful and cared about courting and values. This truly differentiated them from most of their cast members. It was unclear if they would return for another season and then, Sophie became pregnant again so their story clearly was not over. Sadly, by TLC’s definition, it was.

Gone For Good?

Two families from last season returned while three new couples joined the cast. The Winders were sadly left out. They released a very humble and sweet statement as they understood why they were not asked back. Their journey is quite different from that of the other couples but that does not mean they are remaining stagnant. The family had a podcast and is enjoying life. However, viewers are still reeling over the fact that one of their favorite couples is no longer in the cast. A Reddit thread was started to express frustration:

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  • “I miss Colton. Y’all seriously. These new families are made up of broken women and their sexual predator captors. Where are the sweet, boring, awkward Mormons?”
  • “They were also my favorite. They were in it for the right reason… Not just a man who is sick of banging his wife he is no longer attracted to. Her- She will do anything desperately to keep him however she possibly can.”
  • “I miss the Winder family too.”
  • “I have stopped watching the show. I need more real families like the Winders”
  • “They were too good for TLC though, I can’t say I blame them. But they were a breath of fresh air, that’s for sure!”

It seems fans felt that they were the only true blue family on the show and that is what is missing this season. As for whether the Winders will return, it seems they are happy with the legacy they left behind. Do you miss them or are you just there for the trainwreck fun? Let us know in the comments and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.


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