‘GMA’ George Stephanopoulos’ Wife Warns To Step Off Her Man

George Stephanopoulos - Ali Wentworth - Youtube

Good Morning America (GMA) host George Stephanopoulos’ wife, Ali Wentworth, got a bit cryptic and territorial on Instagram recently as she urged another actor to step off her man. Ali’s cryptic and territorial warning came as George Stephanopoulos continues to enjoy some time away from the GMA set.

GMA host George Stephanopoulos extended leave

As Good Morning America fans recall, George Stephanopoulos took an extended leave from the morning talk show so he could go on a vacation to Greece with his beautiful wife. He returned last week for a few days. He, however, was missing from the show again on Friday and Monday. Instagram activity, however, suggests George and his wife Ali enjoyed Labor Day Weekend activities together. In fact, Ali shared some pretty entertaining photos of their festivities.

One photo, in particular, featured George with a plate packed full of food in front of him. He also had a tall glass of wine. George had a huge smile on his face as he looked directly at the camera while his wife presumably snapped the photo.

Fans Threaten Boycott Of Good Morning America [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]

Ali Wentworth warns to step off her man

Actor David Burtka was spotted behind George Stephanopoulos as he photobombed the snapshot with a silly face. Poking his head up over George’s shoulder, David Burtka stuck out his tongue and opened his eyes wide as the photo was snapped. Ali shared the photo on Instagram and issued a playful warning as she urged David to step off of her man.

She penned in the caption of the photo: “Keep away from my hubbie @dbelicious! You have one!”

David Burtka, however, wasn’t afraid of Ali’s territorial post warning him to step off her man. He fired back: “Never!!! He will be mine!”

Ali Wentworth - Youtube

As many will recall, David does have his own husband. He is married to none other than Neil Patrick Harris.

Over 40 GMA fans who happen to follow Ali reacted to David’s comment as they found it to be hilarious. One fan even responded to his comment by telling him to “get in line.” 

Here’s what other fans had to say about the silly photo:

  • “George is so cute!”
  • “Best photobomb!”

With just a little over 300K followers, Ali’s photo only netted 11,000 likes and half a dozen comments.

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