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Kody Brown Wants To Scream, Reveals His Broken Heart

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown is having a complete breakdown in new Season 17 teasers. Fans already knew that his split with Christine Brown wasn’t going to be pretty, but things seem to be quickly escalating.

In the latest teaser, Kody reveals that his heart is completely broken and he wants to scream. What exactly did Christine say to get under his skin?

Kody Brown is FURIOUS over Christine’s reasons for leaving the family

The official TLC Instagram account put out a new Season 17 teaser. And things aren’t going well for Kody and Christine. As the clip begins, Christine lays out her feelings on the table. She admits that her marriage to Kody has been nothing but heartbreak and pain. He agrees with her. However, they both believe their marriage broke apart for different reasons.

Kody Brown from TLC
Kody Brown/TLC

Christine claims that Kody never wanted to spend time with her and devoted too much time to the other wives. On the other hand, Kody believes he fell out of love with Christine because she wasn’t fully committed to the family and polygamist lifestyle. In fact, he asserts that her “years of complaining” really pushed him over the edge.

In a separate talking head, Kody claims that he wants to “scream” and has had his heart broken by Christine’s complaints over the years. Deep down, he truly believes that she’s the problem. Not the lifestyle and marriage setup.

Check out the clip here and see for yourself:

Do you believe that Kody Brown has a right to feel like Christine broke his heart? Or is he hurt and lashing out unnecessarily? Fans have a wide variety of opinions here, so don’t be afraid to share yours. Leave your ideas in the comments below.

Is there more trouble in paradise?

Fans already know that Sister Wives Season 17 is going to center around Christine’s departure. But that may not be the only marriage crumbling. For years, Robyn Brown has been viewed as “the favorite wife,” but it seems like her marriage to Kody might be going through trouble in the new season too.

However, avid Sister Wives followers already know that Robyn and Kody are still together as of 2022. They’ve been seen out in public together even as recently as this summer.

A man and woman sitting on a couch
Sister Wives/TLC

In the future, Christine hopes she and Kody will be friends. But based on previously released teasers, that might be wishful thinking on her part. This is definitely going to be one messy split.

Stay tuned for the latest Sister Wives information. The new season will be here on September 11, so set your timers. You won’t want to miss out on a single episode. Check back for more updates on the Brown family shortly.

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  1. Kody Brown is only concerned about himself. How dare he call his son a narcissist when his feelings are hurt. Kody is most definitely a crybaby.

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