Christine Brown Hopes To Be ‘Great Friends’ With Kody

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Christine Brown of Sister Wives is continuing to spill all the details of her divorce with Kody ahead of the Season 17 Premiere via exclusive interviews with People Magazine. In her most recent interview that People posted on YouTube, Christine admits she hopes she reaches a point where they can get past the hurt and she can be “great friends” with Kody again.

Christine Brown hopes to be great friends with Kody

Speaking to People Magazine, Christine Brown explains that she had a relationship with Kody long before they actually got married. She clarified they used to be “great friends.” They got married. Spent nearly three decades together. And, lost that love and friendship somewhere along the line. Christine tells People what she hopes more than anything is that she can one day find her way back to Kody and they can be “great friends.”

The TLC personality points out they had been married for 26 years. And, they were friends before getting married. So, she hoped they could be friends and get to a place where they moved past the hurt and things were alright.


Could this be what he wants?

Some Sister Wives fans think Christine and Kody being friends could be something he’s wanted for a long time. Both fans and his son Paedon believe Kody found his soul mate when he found Robyn. And, he no longer wanted his other wives when that happened. Because of his religion, however, he couldn’t just decide to leave his wives. He explained during the Tell-All that they could leave him, but he couldn’t leave them.

Sister Wives fans feel as though Kody Brown friend zoned Christine, Janelle, and Meri because he wanted them to leave him. Christine Brown just happened to be the first wife to give him what he really wanted. Fans hope Meri and Janelle will consider following suit as they don’t understand how they could possibly be happy with Kody.

For the sake of their children, Sister Wives fans hope Kody and Christine can find a way to be civil. Fans, however, are mostly just happy she made the decision to leave him. Check out the exclusive interview down below:

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