Christine Brown Not Interested In ‘Loveless Marriage’

Christine Brown opens up on breakup of marriage on nd Kody Brown of Sister Wives

In Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, Christine Brown revealed her thoughts about marriage. She was asked whether Kody Brown’s relationship with Meri, 51, had any influence on her leaving him. It turns out Christine knows just what she wants from a romantic relationship and it isn’t a “loveless marriage” like Kody and Meri Brown.

Sister Wives star Christine Brown talks relationships

As Sister Wives fans know, Christine Brown announced her separation from Kody Brown, 52, last November. Sunday night’s episode of the TLC show Sister Wives turned out to be very revealing. In fact, part of the episode saw Kody Brown and all four wives sitting down for one-on-one interviews. The host, Sukanya Krishnan, asked Christine some timely questions. Meanwhile, she asked whether Meri and Kody’s broken relationship had any influence on her decision to leave the polygamous marriage.

Christine Brown of Sister Wives
Christine Brown [Image @christine_brownsw/Instagram
Christine Brown, 49, explained that her heart breaks whenever she thinks about Kody and Meri’s marriage. She said she doesn’t want that and she has no intention of being in a “loveless marriage.” In fact, she said if that is what her future looks like, she isn’t going to live that way.

The TLC reality star also said she doesn’t know how Meri was okay with taking physical romance off the table. “I guess she’s more fine with it than I am,” Christine added.

Christine recalls ‘the rough time’

Later in the episode, Christine Brown openly addressed her “internal” feelings about how the family perceived her. She said she found herself hesitating before attending any family gatherings. In fact, she wondered whether anyone really liked her. Christine admitted that they wouldn’t reach out to each other, but that she didn’t reach out either.

Kody Brown of Sister Wives
Kody Brown [Image Entertainment Tonight/YouTube]
Speaking of the “rough time” she had with Kody, Christine Brown said how “really hard” it was to be around him and the other sister wives. She explained how hard it was to be in a room with everyone and watch Kody being incredible in his other relationships. This, while knowing that her own relationship was “terrible.” She asked herself what she was supposed to do in a room where she felt she didn’t matter. Despite this, she would go to the meeting, but shielded herself, worrying about seeing Kody with the other wives. Christine added, “It was really hard.”

Kody and Meri Brown on Sister Wives

While Christine’s story with Kody was discussed in the episode, it was Kody and Meri’s fractured marriage that took center stage. As noted by People, Kody and Meri were married in 1990 and she was his first wife. However, in 2015, when Meri was catfished, this put a major strain on their marriage. It turned out she had entered into an online relationship with a female fan posing as a man.

Meri Brown of Sister Wives on TLC
Meri Brown [Image @therealmeribrown/Instagram]
According to Kody, there was a “hardness” in his marriage to Meri for many years. However, it was the catfish incident that really woke him up from what he considers a “bad match.” He said there is a point where intimacy is damaged and that it is misleading to have intimacy in a relationship with no real safety.

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