‘Below Deck Med’: Natalya & Storm’s Rocky Romance Continues

Storm Smith In Below Deck Med Season 7 Preview [Bravo | Twitter]

In Season 7 of Below Deck Mediterranean, Natalya Scudder and Storm Smith seemed like they had a good thing going on. The two were attracted to each other from the start. In a recent episode, Storm went out of his way to take Natalya out on a date. Even though he was stressed out about his new position as bosun, he wanted to make their budding romance work.

Unfortunately, Storm’s job was getting to him. It was all he could talk about during their date and the crew night out. Natalya was tired of hearing about work. She just wanted to drink and have fun. Below Deck Med fans are wondering if the new couple will last.

Natalya & Storm Argue [Bravo | Twitter]
[Bravo | Twitter]

Natalya Scudder & Storm Smith’s rocky romance

The preview for the next episode of Below Deck Mediterranean teases that things will continue to be rocky for them. Natalya and Storm start yelling at each toher. She can’t handle Storm and his attitude. When they walk toward the beach, she’s feeling less than romantic.

Natalya walks away from Storm and says: “You know what? Deal with your own temper tantrum then.” She claims that she can’t handle Storm’s mood. However, fans can’t help but notice similarities between Natalya and Natasha Webb. Not only do the two women look alike, but they act similarly when it comes to the opposite sex.

They both flirt with the men they’re interested in. Once that guy expresses interest back, the ladies lose interest. Natasha quickly lost interest in Chef Dave White after their two-month hookup. In a recent episode of Below Deck Med, Natasha went back to her ex-boyfriend, who cheated on her.

Natasha cheated on him back with Dave. The two admitted they worked on another yacht together. That’s when they started their two-month tryst. However, Natasha was over it, especially when Dave started becoming needy.

Below Deck Med Season 7 preview hints at drama

Natasha and Dave’s romance seems to mimic that of Natalya and Storm’s. Except there’s no cheating involved since both of the yachties are single. In another scene in the Below Deck Med Season 7 preview, Storm starts yelling during the crew outing. He told them that he can’t handle Natalya anymore and told her to get the “f*** out of my life.”

Below Deck Med Natalya With Kyle [Natalya Scudder | Instagram]
[Natalya Scudder | Instagram]
The editing made it look like he was mad at Natalya. Yet, he could’ve been yelling at someone else. Everyone knows that Storm and Jason Gaskell don’t get along this season. Jason declared that he would never work on a boat with Storm ever again.

According to their social media posts, Natalya and Storm are no longer together. Their boatmance lasted as long as Natasha and Dave’s romance. On August 1, Natalya shared a series of photos on Instagram. She posed with stew Kyle Viljoen. One Below Deck Med fan wrote, “Stop, I thought this was a boyfriend reveal.”

Storm Smith With Chloe Griffin [Storm Smith | Instagram]
[Storm Smith | Instagram]
“Hahaha,” Natalya responded. “Unfortunately, I’m still single.” Storm made it clear that he’s moved on. He’s posted many photos and clips of himself with his new girlfriend Chloe Griffin on his Instagram. What are your thoughts on Natalya and Storm’s romance? Did you have hope for them? Sound off below in the comment section.

New episodes of Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 air on Mondays at 8 p.m. They also stream a few days early on Peacock.

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