‘Below Deck Med’: What Is Natasha Webb’s Relationship Status?

Below Deck Med: What Is Natasha Webb's Relationship Status? [Bravo | YouTube]

Below Deck Med fans are curious to know Natasha Webb’s current relationship status. Her love life has been all over the place during Season 7. She joined the crew in an attempt to keep her boatmance with Chef Dave White a secret. She admitted that they hooked up while she was still with her boyfriend of five years.

The two worked together on a previous yacht. Since then, they tried to keep their two-month hookup on the down low. However, their crew and the viewers at home could see that there was something going on between them. Chef Dave’s rage texts had Natasha rethinking their situation and running back to her ex-boyfriend.

Natasha Webb's Relationship Woes [WWHL | YouTube]
[WWHL | YouTube]

Who is Natasha Webb’s ex-boyfriend?

Natasha has shared details about her ex-boyfriend on Season 7 of Below Deck Med. She explained why things didn’t work out between them. The two were in a five-year-long relationship, which crumbled by cheating. Her ex cheated on her, which caused her to cheat on him with Dave.

“I was with my ex for, like, four and a half years, and when I joined my last boat the relationship wasn’t in a good place,” Natasha explained during her confessional.

Natasha Webb's Relationship Status [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]
Their relationship was shakey because of the lack of trust. Chef Dave claims that her ex cheated on her multiple times. Natasha loves to mix business with pleasure. On another boat, she had to work with both of her exes. It was an awkward situation for everyone involved.

This time, she wants to do good with her ex-boyfriend. In the latest episode of Below Deck Med, Natasha texted her ex and apologized to them for what happened in their relationship. She also confessed that she still loved him and wanted to get back with him. Meanwhile, Chef Dave is focused on his work and has no idea what she’s doing behind his back.

The Bravo producers shared the text messages between Natasha and her ex-boyfriend. She even still has him labeled as “Boyfriend” on her phone. In one of the messages, she told him that she wants their relationship to work. That is to be determined as the season goes on.

What is the Below Deck Med star’s status?

According to Starcasm, she’s currently dating musician Max Landry. She called him the love of her life. Max is not her ex-boyfriend. He’s a different man that she met after filming Below Deck Med Season 7.

Natasha Webb's Dating Max Landry [Natasha Webb | Instagram Stories]
[Natasha Webb | Instagram Stories]
She’s opened up about their relationship on social media. However, she didn’t reveal when they started dating. The couple met in Los Angeles. Max is from Detroit, Michigan, and has attended college in his home state.

A huge plus is that Max isn’t one of Natasha Webb’s exes and he doesn’t work in the yachting industry. Natasha admitted that “re-living all this drama on TV” hasn’t been “easy” on her, but it’s allowed her to “grow as a person.” What are your thoughts on Natasha’s love life? Sound off below in the comment section.

New episodes of Below Deck Med Season 7 air on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo. They also appear a few days early on Peacock.

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