‘Below Deck Med’: Chef Dave Regrets Rage Texting Natasha?

Below Deck Med: Chef Dave Regrets Rage Texting Natasha [Bravo | YouTube]

On the latest episode of Below Deck Mediterranean, Chef Dave White spiraled amid the confusion over his relationship status with Natasha Webb. After the latest crew outing, he raged text the chief stew even though they were in close quarters. Natasha ignored Dave for most of the night. She was avoidant, while he was clinging to her more than ever.

Dave was deeply in his feelings, so he drank heavily throughout the night. They had a secret boatmance going on for a few months. Before they appeared on the Bravo series, the duo worked on a previous boat, where they hooked up. However, Natasha was in a relationship with someone else at the time.

Below Deck Med: Chef Dave & Natasha [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]

What’s going on with Natasha Webb and Dave White?

Some Below Deck Med fans may be confused about the situation between Natasha and Dave, so here’s a quick recap. Since the premiere of Season 7 of Below Deck Mediterranean, it was previously assumed that the two already knew each other. At first, they didn’t reveal how they were acquainted. Dave was the one who spilled the beans on their tryst.

He admitted that they hooked up on their last job together. At the time, Natasha cheated on her boyfriend of five years. They broke up after the charter ended. She claims that he cheated on her before, but she realizes that it’s not acceptable to be unfaithful even if he did the same. Natasha and Dave continued their back-and-forth relationship for the next two months.

Below Deck Med: Natasha Webb Hides Relationship [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]
When they appeared on Below Deck Med, they tried to keep their hook-up a secret. But, it was obvious to tell that something was going on between them with the cameras following their every move. Natasha and Dave agreed to bunk together during the charter season. But, the dark-haired beauty wants to keep their affair a secret.

In the meantime, she was sending Dave mixed signals. She would be affectionate with him one minute and avoid him the next. Things only got worse during their latest crew outing. After a few drinks, Dave’s demeanor got dark once they reached the yacht.

Is the Below Deck Med star in fear for her life?

Dave assumed they were in a relationship. There were inklings like when the couple spent 20 minutes together in the bathroom and evn joked about sleeping together. But, the more that Natasha pushed him away, the more he wanted her. He starts sending her several texts throughout the day that she doesn’t respond to.

The texts get worse as the night goes on. In her confessional interview, Natasha admitted that he’s become “suffocating.” She tells him that they’re “not in a f***ing relationship.” This just leads Dave to send drunken texts. He threatens to expose their relationship and calls her derogatory names.

Natasha was in fear for her life. She spoke to stew Kyle Viljoen about Dave’s rage texts. He wasn’t surprised by his behavior since he’s seen how he’s behaved with deckhand Jason Gaskell during a previous crew outing. Kyle agrees to stay with Natasha in the master suite for the remainder of the night.

Chef Dave White continues to spiral

On the following morning, Dave recalls he doesn’t remember sending those rage texts. When the Below Deck Med newbie looked at his phone, he spiraled once again. He said that the texts were “unforgivable.” Dave then bursts into tears and has a panic attack. When Kyle heard him, he asked Captain Sandy Yawn to check on him.

He admitted that he sent Natasha texts that he regrets. Sandy was concerned about Dave’s well-being, but even more for Natasha’s safety. She also spoke to Natasha, who shared everything that happened between them. Sandy assured the Below Deck Med Season 7 star that they should no longer share a cabin.

Below Deck Med: Chef Dave White Spirals [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]
Natasha later spoke to Dave and apologized for making him hide their relationship. She then asks him if he still wants to work with her. He apologizes and gives her a hug. It’s unclear whether the two will move cabins anytime soon. In the upcoming episode of Below Deck Med, Natasha reaches out to her ex-boyfriend.

What are your thoughts on the situation between Natasha and Dave? Who do you think is in the wrong? Do you think it’s unforgivable for Dave to send rage texts? Sound off below in the comment section.

Below Deck Med Season 7 air on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo. New episodes drop a few days early on Peacock.

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