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‘Big Brother’ Terrance Sides With Kyle Amid Drama

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Most of the Big Brother house seems to be pretty against Kyle after all of his drama. However, there is one houseguest that is standing by him. It seems Terrance is on team Kyle despite all the drama.

Big Brother Terrance supports Kyle

Last week, Terrance was the HOH outside at Dyre Fest. During this time, things got heated and twisted. Terrance learned all about the Leftover Alliance and got close with Kyle and Turner before sending Joseph out the front door. Everyone outside even created an alliance essentially throwing the Leftover Alliance out the door.

However, it seems that most have now ditched this new alliance, except for Terrance who is standing by Kyle during this crazy week Big Brother Network reports. Kyle is being accused of making racist comments in the house and most of the houseguests seem to have decided to send him home. Turner even put him on the block this week despite their final two. Of course, houseguests aren’t the only one looking to send him home. Fans are too.

Apparently, Terrance is not on the same page. Instead, he wants to see Taylor go home. Why? Because he thinks Kyle should stay in the house and learn from his mistakes. Of course, others can see right through Terrance and instead think that Terrance wants to keep Kyle in for his own game.

Big Brother | Youtube
Big Brother | Youtube

Kyle loses his showmance

Honestly, it seems to be a good thing that Kyle has Terrance to support him. Alyssa, Kyle’s girlfriend, revealed on the live feeds last night that she doesn’t think she and Kyle will make it through the week. Of course, this is likely because it seems that Kyle will be sent packing. But more than that, it looks like Alyssa could be over him.

She even told HOH Turner that she doesn’t want to be the only person to vote for Kyle to stay this week. This is all pretty shocking considering she and Kyle regularly tell each other they love each other, are boyfriend and girlfriend and have even gotten intimate in the have not room. It seems for Kyle, all the good times in the Big Brother house are behind him.

Big Brother | Youtube
Big Brother | Youtube

What do you think of Terrance and Kyle’s relationship on Big Brother? Let us know in the comments below. Come back for more on all of your favorite houseguests!

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  1. How much info do each person reveal about themselves. Wondering if Alisa knows Kyle still lives with his parents & has no job. Terrence was dubbed by Kyle. Goodbye

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