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‘Big Brother’ What Is Going On With Kyle?

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It’s been a heated week in the Big Brother house, especially involving one player. It seems Kyle is starting to break down and things are getting messy. Keep reading to learn what we know so far.

Big Brother Kyle gets messy

Things with Kyle are not going well in the Big Brother house. Apparently, he is being accused of making racist comments and it has him spiraling out of control with how he is going to be percieved.

Kyle is facing accusations of making racist comments in the house and trying to put together an all white alliance to combat any Cookout situations (an alliance formed in a previous season). Because of this, Kyle seems to be going into panic mode and even suggested he leave the house. Considering he is in the final eight, this would be a massive twist to hit the house. Not to mention, it would split up his showmance. However, at this point it seems it could be one way to start clearing his name and making amends.

“One of the feeds was saying Kyle wanted to put up two black nominees and have all white left. Kyle said he would quit if that is being said about him,” one person writes on social media.

Big Brother | Youtube
Big Brother | Youtube

Did he self-evict yet?

Seeing everything that went down in addition to Kyle’s request to go into the Diary Room, many thought Kyle may have actually sent himself home. The feeds were shut off yesterday which instantly has fans wondering if it’s because Kyle is gone. Not only that, but there are reports that Big Brother 24 has been erased from some of his social media profiles.

“Just got a message feeds are down till Thursday Kyle went home,” one person posts.

Others jump in to share their thoughts as well.

“He should have to forfeit his money up to this point. You can’t go this many weeks okay then when you are probably going to jury, your mental health is bad and you need to go home. Lost any respect I had for him which wasn’t much.”

However, the live feeds did come back on and it seems that they were only shut off for a movie night won in the POV competition.

Big Brother | Youtube
Big Brother | Youtube

Do you think Kyle will send himself home? Or, will he be evicted? Let us know your thoughts on this season of Big Brother in the comments. Come back for more news on all of your favorite houseguests!

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  1. I hope Kyle does go home he shot himself in the foot exposing his alliance in the way he did. I’d his former alliance doesn’t stab him in the back 1st

  2. michael and brittany are racists and dirty players kyle made an observation that would only be perceived as racist from someone who is racist now hes devastated because hes not like that at all m and b are bullies that need to be kicked off the show

    1. I agree 100 percent! Can’t stand those to and it should say a lot about their character that they used this information to further their own games, not because they really cared that Kyle may have done something wrong. They purposely held it to till the right moment. Concern with racism wasn’t why they came out and shared that information. Plus if someone that is playing a game tries to figure out who is in an alliance and voices that, why is that wrong? The cookout alliance did happen after all as have all girl and all guy alliances in the past. As for all white, that wasn’t what he suggested, he simply wanted to get further in the game by not being taken off guard by a bigger alliance, why does everything have to be black or white, why can’t it just be people playing a game. Really don’t think what happened was enough to warrant ruining someone’s reputation and possibly mental health. I was a lot more concerned with the way Taylor was treated at the beginning of the game, as a young woman she should not have been treated the way she was. But this game can get pretty dirty sometime, but really people, Kyle wondering if there was something more afoot then meets the eye was not that bad! Blown
      way out proportion!

    2. Are you drunk? Your comment makes no sense whatsoever.
      As an openly Gay man, Michael knows what it’s like to be discriminated against and would be one of the least likely people in the house to be racist.

      Brittany has ridden Michael’s coat tails and isn’t much of a player. My wife and I watch regularly and watch the feeds on Paramount+ on occasion. I don’t recall hearing anything from Brittany that I would consider racist.

      Let go of the bong and come up for air.

      1. Then Michael should know better! It was bad enough that the usual pockets of the Twitter-verse took a relatively harmless observation about the potential of a Cookout 2.0 alliance, and turned it into Kyle being a card carrying Klan member. That could have died down and would eventually been seen for what it was. Michael and Brittany have destroyed this kids reputation and life by blowing this out of proportion, all for the sake of saving their games. Plain and simple! The Cookout played a flawless game last season, but their “victory” is tainted. They orchestrated the systemic eviction of every non-black member of the house based solely on colour. What’s the word for that again? They are lauded and held up on a pedestal, while Kyle is branded a racist for even considering it might happen again. I have watched every season of Big Brother, and I fear this will be my last. Forgive the pun, but time to cancel this show. How anybody can play this game going forward without the fear of the race card being played against them is beyond me. $750K isn’t worth the hassle, just ask Kyle.

    3. why is the thought of another cook out alliance so inconceivable and why the need to destroy this kid over it….Michael and Brittany are bullies

    4. As a black woman I agree. I don’t think he is a racist. He said some things that make him look a little suspicious. But the way he hit that problem head on like a man, he wasn’t intentionally trying to hurt anybody. He own his 💩, unlike Taylor. Who should have cleared her statement up too. Cause SHE WAS WRONG ALSO.
      And I hope everybody on the outside leave him alone. Cause he didn’t look stable.
      Now Micheal and Brittany who didn’t have a problem with it, until it benefit them, would be my targets.

  3. big brother rants and giggles posted the two time stamps of what kyle said and how he said it. Take a look for yourselves and she what you think. Personally, I did not think it was that bad. I did however, hate that he outed the leftovers in the backyard to save himself when he was not going on the block

    1. Really. Finally the minorities figure out a way to make it to the end of the game and it’s bad? Give me a break. What’s bad has been how most minorities have been eliminated one by one every season because it only took forever for Big Brother to figure out ways to make the game more fair to all.

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