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‘Big Brother’ Fans Want This Houseguest Fired

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Fans have just about had it with one houseguest in the Big Brother house. After first imploding a major alliance and then making racist comments, it seems that fans are ready for Kyle to be sent packing.

Warning: Big Brother 24 Spoilers Ahead

Big Brother fans want Kyle gone

Fans have spoken and it looks like they want Kyle out of the Big Brother house. Earlier in the season, Kyle made it sound like he wanted to create an all-white alliance out of fear that everyone else was making a new Cookout alliance The Sun reports. The Cookout was one of the most successful alliances of all time in the Big Brother house.

“I do not mind if Daniel goes. He has not been someone I have trusted in this game, but the possibility of those six with that background, I mean it looks very similar to The Cookout,” he explains. “With a very diverse background, they have all expressed why they are in this game. Like Joseph, for middle-eastern representation on TV. Indy -there’s never been a Brazilian contestant or winner.”

Because of comments like these, fans want Big Brother to send him packing.

Big Brother | Youtube
Big Brother | Youtube

Luckily, he’s on the block

Luckily for all the fans that seemingly hate Kyle, he is actually on the block this week. Originally the HOH, Turner, wanted to get Michael out. So, he had an elaborate plan to put Taylor and Brittany up and then backdoor Michael later in the week. However, of course, Michael knew he had to win the POV so that’s exactly what he did. This win was extra special because it tied him for a record-breaking streak. If Michael wins again, he will take the crown for the most Veto wins of the season.

Because Michael won, this puts all the power into his hands. Despite the danger that Taylor is in being up on the block again, he opted to save his best friend in the house, Brittany. So, of course, Turner had to put someone new up to go home.

Who did he choose? None other than Kyle.

Big Brother | Youtube
Big Brother | Youtube

This really makes sense because after everything that has been happening Kyle has already talked about wanting to go home. Despite his showmance, it seems even Kyle knows that his time in the Big Brother house could be coming to an end.

Who do you want to see leave the Big Brother house this week? Let us know your opinions in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more on all of your favorite reality TV happenings!

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  1. It is a game people! Production let politics in gave a platform for social views. This is no longer a good show. Can’t keep people from yelling in; this whole thing takes away from the game. Mike was very strategic in talking to turner. Get it! Give it to mike call it a day can we just say goodbye to all this stuff.

  2. Taylor wouldn’t put Jasmine on because she was black. Shouldn’t she go too? You can form an all black one but not a white one? We are all equal so let’s be fair!

  3. I’d like to see Taylor girl I think she is a troublemaker a crybaby and thinks that everything should come to her and I think it’s because of her race

  4. It’s was ok last season to have a all black alliance, Taylor on this season saying she wouldn’t put a black girl up, this show is nothing but trying to divide the country. Trans, gays black whites. Putting them against each other, just to make money.

  5. First they create a game that is designed to pit people against each other creating an environment of lies then they want to go after them for doing it.the cookout alliance was 100% racially driven yet No one cried for them to be taken off same goes for all the lgbqt community ok for them to use it against people but call racist when they are in trouble.julie Chen should not have expressed her opinion either way Kyle’s game is no different than Michael’s he is just straight so he is being piled on by the actual racist in the more BB for me hope this takes it off the air.

  6. I have watched BB since the first sesson. But I’m ready to flip the switch. Show has blacks & whites and up until the last few seasons there was no problems. Just don’t understand why BB can’t just keep a good game. And BB is not the only ones!!!!!!!! KEEP RACE OUT OF IT!!!!!!!

  7. I agree it was ok last season for the cookout to make an alliance. I don’t think it was fair the way Kyle was portrayed last night. I don’t feel there was anything racially motivated for him to point out what Big Brother let happen last year. I would have defended myself and said I was looking at all possibilities to insure I win the 750,000 he was just being strategic. I think its atrocious how big brother and Julie Chen are letting this occur with him but was celebrating the cookout group last year! Most definitely a double standard! Not okay! I will no longer be watching Big Brother they have ruined this show just like they ruined Chris Harrisons career on the bachelor.

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