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‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Shocking New Nominee Revealed

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Big Brother fans hold on tight, the house just got shaken up even more. After the POV competition, Michael had the chance to turn the evictions around, and that’s exactly what he did.

Warning: Big Brother 24 Spoilers Ahead

A new Big Brother nominee

After a week of alliance destruction, the nominees this week are official. Intially, HOH Turner wanted to send home Michael in a backdoor. However, after Michael nearly broke a record by winning the Veto yet again, that plan went out the window. Intially, Taylor and Brittany were on the block.

Of course, being his best friend, Michael took Brittany off the block leaving Turner to pick someone else to put up.

Who did he decide to put up against Taylor? Kyle of course.

Now, both Taylor and Kyle will have to campaign all week to save their spot in the Big Brother house. However, it doesn’t seem to be looking good for one of them.

Big Brother | Youtube
Big Brother | Youtube

He’s had a rough week

Of course, this isn’t the first time Kyle has made headlines this week. In fact, many thought that he actually self-evicted last night. After allegedly making racist comments, Kyle started spinning out of control with his perception outside the house. Of course, he should be worried – his perception seems less than great.

Kyle obviously didn’t self-evict since he is on the block now. Apparently, the feeds were just down because the houseguests won a movie night that they couldn’t show. But, that doesn’t mean Kyle isn’t going to the Jury House. Many think he has it coming considering the fact that he ruined the leftovers alliance by telling Terrance and Alyssa about it and then taking part in sending Joseph home. Fans even took to social media to discuss what was going on.

“Hahahaha 🤣 that’s what he gets for blowing up alliance’s,” one person writes on Facebook.

“Kyle is reaping his Karma for doing Joseph wrong. But todays feeds are very calm compared to yesterday,” another states.

Despite not self-evicting, Kyle is still able to be sent home this week. While it’s not up to fans who goes home, it seems that if it were, Kyle would certainly be sent packing.

Big Brother | Youtube
Big Brother | Youtube

Who do you want to see go home tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more on all of your favorite houseguests.

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