Bear Brown Offers Mom Ami Best Birthday Present Of All

Ami Brown

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown wished his mother a happy birthday before he offered her what he called the “best present of all.”

Here is a look at Bear’s birthday wishes to Ami Brown and what present he gave his mother.

Bear Brown gives Ami the best birthday present

Bear Brown took to Instagram on Monday afternoon and offered his mother Ami Brown a birthday present he said she was very excited about. The post featured two photos of Ami, one of her standing on a porch and the second of her with a horse. Ami’s birthday was Sunday, when she turned 59.

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In the caption to the photo, Bear wrote, “Yesterday was my Moms Birthday!!! Happy Birthday Mom! I know how excited you are to have another grand baby, best present of all! Lol!! Blessed to still have you around!!! Love you more!!!”

Raiven and Bear Brown are having their second baby, following their son, River. Raiven has kept fans updated with recent posts showing off her baby bump. She suffered a miscarriage last year, and she has let fans know that her rainbow baby will be the couple’s second son. “I don’t need a girl… it’s a boy as we’ve announced and I’m more than happy. Boys are wonderful..”

Raiven also posted a TikTok video where she said, “We are so excited can’t wait to meet our little one. So crazy to think we will have two kids earthside before to long!” This will be Ami’s third grandchild. Noah Brown also has a son, Elijah.

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Will Ami Brown return to Alaskan Bush People?

Whether Discovery brings back Alaskan Bush People is anyone’s guess. Not even the Brown family has said.

Fans asked Noah Brown on a recent social media post if Alaskan Bush People is getting a Season 14. Noah responded, “sorry, but I am not supposed to say.” Another fan responded to that by writing, “sounds like an, ‘I’m not super to say, but yes’ to me.”

On top of Noah Brown, who is starting a YouTube channel to keep fans updated on his family’s life, Bear Brown chimed in on it as well. Unlike Noah, who said that he couldn’t comment, Bear brought it up on his own. Bear actually asked fans if they wanted more Alaskan Bush People in an Instagram post with a photo of Batman and Joker. Along with asking if anyone wants it, he posted an emoji of a raised hand.

Billy Brown died last February, and the entire 13th season led to his death on the show. However, with his death, there is no guarantee that the show will return. Billy was the man who led the way on Alaskan Bush People and Discovery. With Billy gone, either the Brown kids or Ami Brown would have to lead the contract discussions with the network.

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  1. Please bring back the the Brown family, To me it was a family of LOVE and loved the way they could work on their homes and on the Ranch. AMI you can fill Billy shoes and lead the whole family, and get them back on the Ranch again and you in the house they built for you. I live in Mondovi WI. 384 Jefferson St. 54755. I am 90 yrs old. My husband passed April 28th 2019.. We had 4 children , boy, girl,boy,girl. All married. Steve is 69, Deb is 67, Randy 65 & Brenda is 63. All have families. When we get together for the Holidays we are 52 of us. Some adopted, some step great grand but are all Loved. Your family reminds me of our’s. It was a clean show , no cusing or bad things
    on the show. I JUST LOVE YOU ALL and would like to know what and where every one is and doing,.

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