‘Harry Potter’ TV Series Coming, New Deal Signed

Harry Potter - YouTube

Brace yourself Harry Potter fans, a TV series is reportedly “already in the works.” For those worried about the series ruining the books and movies, franchise creator JK Rowling is also reportedly supportive and on board. Is there any information available on the TV series? Keep reading for the details.

Harry Potter TV Series Coming, New Deal Signed

JK Rowling wrote a seven-series book following the life of Harry Potter, an orphaned wizard who ends up navigating the world of magic and witchcraft shortly after learning the truth about his parents and who he really is. While both the book series and the movies came to a satisfying ending, several spin-offs have allowed the franchise to continue to move forward for fans. With a massive fan base, it is no surprise that news of a TV series joining the franchise would be met with excitement. Fans, however, wonder what the TV series will be about. Moreover, will any beloved characters return?

According to The SunThe Daily Mail reports JK Rowling has been in talks with Warner Bros’ new chief, David Zaslav, about the possibility of a TV series spin-off being added to the franchise. The report, however, claims this has gone beyond talking and the TV series is already in the works.

Harry Potter - YouTube
Harry Potter – YouTube

The original report claims a deal has already been signed for a Harry Potter TV Series and writers are currently hard at work on the premise of the series. As The Sun reminds us, JK Rowling currently owns all intellectual property rights to the Harry Potter franchise. So, she would have had to give a green light for the series to move forward.

Is There Any Info On The New Series?

Sadly, there really isn’t any information on what to expect from a new Harry Potter TV series. The report suggests they are still in the very early stages of planning the series. Unfortunately, this does mean it could be a while before this alleged Harry Potter TV series actually lands on TV screens.

Harry Potter - YouTube
Harry Potter – YouTube

The real question is simple: Would you watch a Harry Potter TV series? What would you want the series to be about? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TV news.

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