‘Harry Potter’ Wizarding World Must Have Gift Ideas For 2020

Harry Potter Guide

Are you looking for some  Harry Potter, wizarding world Christmas gifts? If so you’re in luck, grab your wands and follow the spiders to this magical Christmas guide. Perfect for the witches and wizards in your life! 

Wizarding fun for witches and wizards of all ages!

Here’s a fun gift to spark the magic in any fan. A Harry Potter travel game to test your knowledge and bring you closer to friends and family. Click here to order

Here’s another classic game, with a Harry Potter wizarding twist. This is one the whole family can enjoy. The Game is for 3-5 Players, and kids Ages 8 and Up. Click here to purchase.

Of course, we can’t leave out this fun chess game! It’s for players from all sides, from wizards to squibs! Who wouldn’t enjoy wizard chest, click here to purchase

When you first see this umbrella, you think… not that exciting right? Well, this one is because it changes colors upon getting wet! How magical is that? Click here to buy now

If you are looking for a gift for the witches in your family, this one is for you! the 5 piece Harry Potter Makeup inspired Brush Set is adorable and can fit into anyone’s budget! Click here to purchase!

Do you have a chef in the family that would enjoy adding a touch of magic to their kitchen? If so this gift is for you! It’s a 5 piece Utensil Set with a Hogwarts twist! Click here to purchase!

This next item is for any fan of the Hogwarts world! It has a lovely quote engraved inside of the box and plays the Harry Potter theme song! It comes in three different colors, but black is the only one with a quote engraved inside! Who wouldn’t love that? Click here to purchase


Some of these gift ideas make great presents or stocking stuffers!

You just can’t be a Harry Potter fan without loving this guy! This Rubeus Hagrid Collectible Doll is approx. 12-inch and is wearing a belted shirt and vest. It also comes with a cute mini dragon. Click here to get your very own!


Another Decoration to add some of that wizarding fun to your burrow is below! This Hogwarts, 11.8’’ Handmade Wall Clock would be a wonderful gift. Click here to order your unique clock today!

Want a funny but cute gift? This is a really cool and magical Hogwarts gift and is at a really good price! Click here if you want to purchase this cup.

Unlike most of the ideas (excluding the make-up brushes) this one is for the Ravenclaw witch in your household! Of course, if you’re into Ravenclaw, this is a fun gift or stocking stuffer idea that will get a smile! Click here to get a pair!



That’s it for this gift guide, if you have a Harry Potter fan in your home, make sure to share this article with them!


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