Kody Brown and Robyn Brown on Sister Wives

Kody And Robyn Brown Planning A Move Away From ‘Sister Wives’?

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Sister Wives fans have watched the family start to fall apart over the past few years. There is now news that Kody Brown just made a business decision with Robyn that might finally break the family apart.

Kody Brown starts a new business with Robyn

Kody Brown just started a new LLC with his wife, Robyn. What is most curious about this move is that it does not include his other wives, Meri or Janelle. The Sun revealed that the company is called DABSARK Entertainment LLC, and Kody incorporated it on May 22, 2022. Both Kody and Robyn are members of the new company, but Janelle and Meri are not. Robyn is Kody’s only legal wife.

This is an interesting move since it sounds like another company Kody created a few years back called Kody Brown Family Entertainment LLC. However, that company, created in 2019, included Kody, Robyn, Meri, Janelle, and Christine, all as managers. That company is still an active company, but it does not appear to be used by the family anymore, according to The Ashley.

Sister Wives from TLC

The company appears to be in place to help manage the family’s wealth. Quinn Holdings LLC is the organizer of DABSARK, and they are an investment firm serving high-wealthy families. The biggest reason this is concerning for Sister Wives fans is that the company’s name has a meaning. Each letter in DABSARK stands for a person’s name — Dayton, Aurora, Briana, Solomon, Ari, Robyn, and Kody. This is Robyn and Kody Brown and their kids. This lists none of the kids from his other wives.

The Sister Wives don’t feel like a family anymore

The Sister Wives family has been fracturing for a few years now. However, ever since Kody moved them from Las Vegas to Arizona, against the wishes of some other family members, things have gone downhill. Kody promised a large family home where they would all live together, but Kody never came through on that promise. After years of broken promises, Kody lost his first wife, Christine, who left him and ended their marriage.

Christine said that she felt that Robyn was always Kody’s favorite wife, and she wasn’t there if it wasn’t an equal marriage with all the Sister Wives. The upcoming season of Sister Wives will show the fallout from Christine leaving, and it sounds like there is more to the story as Kody’s other wives feel left out as well. Janelle Brown said in the trailer that she is “not really sure that we have a family anymore.”

Sister Wives is pre-recorded well in advance. If Kody Brown watched his entire family, other than Robyn Brown, fall apart on him in the upcoming season, it might explain the new corporation where he is married to one woman and they put their finances together for their family. It could also mean Sister Wives is coming to an end.

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