Christine Brown Lays Truth Out In ‘Sister Wives’ Season 17 Trailer

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Christine Brown decided it was best for her to end her marriage to Kody at the end of Season 16. By the tell-all, she had moved back to Utah and the duo was divorced. However, a lot more transpired behind the scenes that will help make for an eventful Season 17. The full trailer was finally released and Christine holds very little back.

Christine Brown Has Had Enough

It’s been quite apparent that Christine and Kody have not been on the same page for quite some time. Yet, they have really tried to keep it together. She truly did seem to love and adore him, especially when the series premiered in 2010. It was her jealousy issues when Robyn entered the plural family as the fourth wife that struck a nerve. Somehow, it appeared that they all worked together as one, even escaping Utah for Vegas as a cohesive unit. Yet, the underlying issues were always peeking through.

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Kody had told Christine he was not attracted to her when they first met. He did not like the way she ate her nachos but he did like her dreamy demeanor. She also was an obedient and subservient wife which was a major draw as in she did everything for him and their children. This actually caused her to lose herself but her father snapped her back. He reminded her that she had to put herself first and say “no” sometimes. Kody did not appreciate this but then he found Robyn and it was all okay.

Christine Brown/TLC

By the time they all moved to Flagstaff, Christine had found success in business and was happy within herself. She was also ready to move back to Utah and saw herself moving away from the family. There was also a lot of contention between her and Kody which just got worse with the pandemic. He rarely came around and she lived her own life which was fine. Then, he brought up an intimacy-free marriage and that was when the nail went into the coffin. So, what happened after Christine moved all of his stuff to the basement?

All On The Line

In the full Season 17 trailer, released by TLC, Christine Brown lays it all out on the line. Initially, she says that she feels Robyn is more important to Kody. To be fair, he was kissing Robyn while Christine was in labor with Truely. He also sealed their engagement with a kiss which was a definite slap in the face to the other wives. Christine goes on to add that it is “heartbreaking” being his wife. Throughout the preview, she is actually seen packing boxes into an SUV.

Christine Brown/TLC

She also adds, in her confessional, that she agreed to be a sister wife. However, she agreed to be an equal wife and that apparently has not been happening. Ultimately, Kody starts screaming at his wives and alludes that Christine never tried to make a connection with her wives. Is this true? Find out when Season 17 of Sister Wives premieres Septemer 11 on TLC.

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