Danielle Busby Nervous & Excited About Blayke’s New Phase

Danielle Busby - Blayke Busby - Instgraam

Yesterday was a big day for Blayke Busby of OutDaughtered. The TLC starlet’s parents don’t usually make a habit of sharing the same pictures or posts on Instagram. They, however, did yesterday. Both Danielle and Adam Busby were bursting at the seams with a combination of excitement and nerves as their oldest daughter embarked on a new chapter of life. What was this new chapter of life Blayke Busby started yesterday? Keep reading to see what her parents had to say.

Danielle Busby shared about Blayke’s new chapter

The OutDaughtered mother shared a beautiful photo of her daughter Blayke embarking on a new chapter in life. Both parents shared a photo of Blayke Busby with a huge smile on her face. She had her backpack on, lunchbox in hand, and a huge smile on her face. It was her first day of 6th grade.

Danielle Busby penned in the caption of her photo: “My beautiful baby girl!! Started 6th grade today Praying for her to remember WHO she is and WHO’S she is #achildofGod.”

Danielle added: “I’m both excited and nervous about this new phase we have now approached. I’m already ready to hear about her day! Good Luck BB!”

In just 24 hours, Danielle’s post was liked just shy of 44,000 times.

Blayke Busby - Instagram
Blayke Busby – Instagram

Adam Busby shared the same post

The OutDaughtered father joined his wife in sharing the same photo of his beautiful girl Blayke Busby. He also copy and pasted the caption from Danielle’s post into his as well. As mentioned previously, it was unusual for the couple to share the same thing on multiple profiles. This, however, was a very special moment for Blayke. Having slightly fewer followers on Instagram than his wife, it is no surprise that his post trailed behind her with just over 41,000 likes.

OutDaughtered fans react to Blayke Busby update

Fans of this reality TV family always adore getting an update on Blayke Busby. This is because they always worry whether she gets the right amount of attention having so many younger siblings. Turns out, this is the first year Blayke will be going to a different school than her sisters.

Danielle Busby - Instagram
Danielle Busby – Instagram

For the most part, fans couldn’t believe how grown Blayke Busby was looking these days. Some fans admitted they were also a bit surprised she was returning to school so soon.

Danielle Busby later shared a photo of herself snuggled up with her daughter Blayke as she announced the first day back to school was a success.

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