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Adam Busby Fires Back At Accusations Of Ignoring Blayke

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Adam and Danielle Busby landed in the spotlight when they became pregnant with quintuplets. The couple made the difficult decision not to terminate any of the quints and fought through the pregnancy to bring them all into the world safely. Today, the quints are seven years old and living life to the fullest with their family. The quints, however, aren’t Adam and Danielle’s only children. They also have an older daughter named Blayke.

Blayke Busby’s birthday falls right near her little sisters and she just recently turned 11. TLC actually caught some heat from fans for sending the quints a present for their birthday but snubbed Blayke on hers.

A lot of OutDaughtered fans admit they worry about Blayke Busby from time to time. They worry that with five younger sisters, she doesn’t get as much attention as she wants or needs. Fans often call Adam and Danielle out on playing favorites with their children. Adam has openly admitted more than a few times he’s grown frustrated with how often he and Danielle get accused of playing favorites.

As those who really follow the family closely know, Adam and Danielle seize every opportunity to give each one of their girls individual attention. This included getting rid of the quints on Blayke’s birthday so she could be alone with her friends.

Sadly, no one was too surprised when someone accused Adam of ignoring Blayke for the quints recently. The individual, however, probably wasn’t expecting Adam Busby to fire back at them with a whole cluster of fans following behind to defend him.

Adam Busby - Instagram
Adam Busby – Instagram

What did the individual accuse Adam of exactly? And, what did Adam say in response? Keep reading for the details.

Adam Busby accused of ignoring Blayke for the quints

One individual commented on one of Adam Busby’s posts about a week ago asking where his eldest daughter was. The individual accused Adam and his wife Danielle of focusing on the “wee ones” and completely forgetting about his firstborn children.

Adam Busby was pretty quick to respond to the backlash. He was honestly baffled by the question. He asked if the individual was trolling and tossed a big eye emoji on the end.

Adam Busby - Instagram
Adam Busby – Instagram

Other fans chimed in to point out that not only was Adam not ignoring Blayke, but she was in the picture attached to the post. Fans assumed the individual glanced at the photo and mistook Blayke for Danielle.

Are you surprised someone thought Blayke was Danielle? What did you think of Adam Busby’s response? Let us know down below.


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  1. And most of those fans probably have no idea what they are talking about…..just because you caught wind of a gift sent to the quints, doesn’t mean one wasn’t sent to the older daughter. You have no idea what’s happening about things you don’t know about. Guess what you ‘fans’, the world does not revolve around getting your approval first and making sure you know anything and everything that happens.

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