Magical Photos Of Parker & Blayke Busby Has Fans In Awe

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As cute as the Busby kids are, their talent knows no bounds! In their latest beach adventure, Outdaughtered stars Parker & Blake Busby got to show their talent, and fortunately enough, their dad Adam Busby captured this magical moment for fans.

Parker & Blayke Busby Attempt Fun Stunt At Beach

Born on April 8, 2015, the quintuplets are 7 years old now and growing like weeds. While elder sister Blayke is really into ballet and aerial silk dancing, Parker is the sporty one. But, their latest picture brings forth another talent their father is proud to share with Outdaughtered fans.

Parker Busby YouTube

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The Busby family planned yet another spontaneous trip to the nearby Galveston Beach and had a great time exploring the water together. In these magical pictures shared on Instagram by father Adam Busby, Parker and Blayke successfully attempt a headstand.

The proud father captioned the post, “Look out @dbusby. Had such a fun time yesterday for a spontaneous day on the island. #itsabuzzworld #outdaughtered.”

Fans in awe of this magical moment were quick to chime in. One fan commented, “Mamas Girls,” followed by two heart emojis. Another asked, “Is that Parker with Blake?” To this, Adam replied, “Yes, it’s Parker.”

A third commented, “She is a talented and powerful little girl! Just like her mama and dad! Love you all! I rewatch just to binge your show again and again! Much love!”

Is It Danielle or Blayke Busby?

Given how similar Blayke and Danielle Busby look, a confused fan mentioned, “Wow, I thought that was Danielle at first. Blayke looks just like her great job, PK!!!”

Parker & Blayke Busby Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

Another agreed, “I thought so too!!”

Mother Danielle Busby also shared a picture from the beach trip on her Instagram account. She captioned the post, “Another beach day. HERE WE COME! #summer #beachvibes #itsabuzzworld”

The guessing game quickly started as the picture had a boy and a girl with surfboards getting into the water. A fan commented, “Nice picture of Olivia,” while another commented, “Awesome, this must be Luke and Riley.”

Riley Busby Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

A third agreed, stating, “Looks like a boy and a girl to me.”

A fourth commented, “Yes, Luke is the boy in blue, and the girl must be Riley Busby.”

Does Riley Busby Have A Boyfriend?

For the unversed, on Valentine’s Day, Danielle Busby shared an adorable picture of Riley with her boyfriend, Luke. The cute little couple exchanged Valentine’s Day gifts and smiled for the camera.

Riley Busby Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

The mother of six captioned the post, “Marking this moment down in the books (just in case I have to look back at pics for a wedding day in the far future). Riley got her FIRST Valentine and actually liked the gift! Good job, Luke!”

Do you think Blayke Busby looks just like her mother? Let us know in the comments below!

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