‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Say This Is ‘Definitely’ True About Blayke Busby

OutDaughtered star Dale Mills Jokes About Blayke

There is one thing about Blayke Busby that OutDaughtered fans all agree with. What are they in agreement about? What is definitely true about the oldest daughter of Adam and Danielle Busby? Keep reading for the details.

Blayke Busby takes off with Parker and Ava

Prior to Danielle and Adam’s celebration of his birthday, Olivia and Riley packed their things and left to spend some time with their nana and papa. Adam and Danielle had previously explained that over the summer they break the girls up and each set of girls gets to spend a few days at their grandparents’ house. It is a way for the girls to spend time with their grandparents without overwhelming nana and papa. It is also a way to make it easier for Adam and Danielle to get things done with a few less children.

OutDaughtered Blayke Busby Youtube
OutDaughtered Blayke Busby Youtube

Her Instagram post explained it was now time for Blayke, Ava, and Parker to take their turn at grandma and grandpa’s house. As TvShowsAce previously reported, this left fans wondering when Hazel Busby would get a turn. Adam, however, explained Hazel had some things to take care of with her eyes. So, it is possible this is why she had yet to have a turn with her grandparents.

Danielle Busby attached a photo to her post. The photo contained herself, Ava, Parker, and Blayke. In the comments, fans definitely had a lot to say about the photo. There, however, was something about Blayke Busby that everyone was in agreement about.

Blayke Busby - Instagram
Blayke Busby – Instagram

Fans agree she looks just like her mother

In a comment liked more than a dozen times, one fan noted that Blayke Busby was “def” a miniature version of her mother Danielle. Other fans responded to the comment agreeing that Blayke really looked like a carbon copy of her mom. In other photos, fans often admit to mistaking Blayke for her mother as they just look so similar. In fact, fans note the only real difference is that Blayke has her father’s eyes.

Do you agree that Blayke Busby looks like a miniature copy of her mother Danielle? Do you also agree that she definitely has her father’s gorgeous blue eyes? Let us know what you think in the comments. And, keep coming back for more OutDaughtered news.

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