‘OutDaughtered’: Wait, What About Hazel Busby?

OutDaughtered Hazel Busby photobomb visitor

OutDaughtered fans were left scratching their heads and wondering what about Hazel Busby with Danielle’s latest Instagram update. Why did the TLC mother leave fans wondering about Hazel? Keep reading for the details.

Danielle Busby says hi and goodbye

OutDaughtered fans know Riley and Olivia were the first to take off and spend time with nana and papa for a few days. The girls went to stay with their grandparents ahead of Danielle and Adam taking a trip to celebrate his birthday. Fans assume this was an easy way to break up the girls to make babysitting arrangements a little easier.

Upon returning from their trip, Danelle tells Instagram she immediately said hi and then goodbye to Blayke, Ava, and Parker who were headed off to spend time with their grandparents now. Danielle explained that Adam would be driving them to meet nana and papa halfway to split the girls.

Hazel Busby - Instagram
Hazel Busby – Instagram

While Adam was gone, Danielle enjoyed a little one-on-one time with Hazel. This included Hazel deciding where she wanted to go eat with her mother for a little lunch date. According to her Instagram Stories, Hazel decided on Mod Pizza.

Wait, but what about Hazel Busby?

In the comments of her post, fans admitted they were a little confused. Why did Hazel Busby get to go spend time with her grandparents? Would she be taking a trip alone to be with nana and papa? On his Instagram Stories, Adam Busby explained that Hazel was in need of new glasses. So, it sounded like she missed out on a trip to see her grandparents just yet because he needed to get to the eye doctor first.

Outdaughtered Hazel Busby Instagram
Outdaughtered Hazel Busby Instagram

OutDaughtered fans assume Hazel will get to go on the next trip to nana and papa’s house. It is just unclear if she will get one-on-one time with her grandparents or if some of her sisters will tag along to go see their grandparents for a second time.

Do you think Hazel Busby will spend time alone with her grandparents? Or, do you think some of her sisters will go with her for a second trip? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back to TvShowsAce for the latest on OutDaughtered.

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  1. I loved watching the Outdaughtered show. All 6 of the girls are beautiful. I guess because I had a daughter who had red hair I tend to show little favoritism to Hazel but all are adorable and so precious. Please bring the show back at least a few shows a year so we can see how much they have grown. You are doing great job with them. Don’t know how you have managed to handle 5 babies all at once but sure God helped you thru it.

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