Kim Zolciak’s Arrested Daughter Admits Vaping THC, Denies Booze

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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak’s daughter Ariana Biermann was recently arrested and charged with three misdemeanors early Saturday morning. She, along with her on-and-off boyfriend Hudson McLeroy, was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol.

Kim Zolciak’s Daughter Ariana Released On A $5120 Bond

The 20-year-old was booked at Forsyth County jail in the early hours of the weekend at around 1 a.m., as per public records obtained by TMZ. Arianna was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, underage purchase/possession of alcohol, and erratic/improper lane change. After being arrested by the officials, she has now been released on a $5120 bond.

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On the other hand, her beau, McLeroy, was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence. He was also charged with allegedly supplying alcohol to a minor & violating the conditions of his limited driving permit.

Attorney Justin Spizman States Ariana Was Upset & Anxious

Attorney Justin Spizman of Hawkins Spizman law firm represented Ariana. Talking about the charges, he said, “Ariana was involved in a minor fender bender. When police arrived on the scene, the investigating officer immediately initiated an investigation for DUI. Despite Ariana’s constant invocation that she was upset and anxious from the minor accident, the officer incorrectly concluded she was impaired by alcohol.”

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“That was not the case. She wholly denies these allegations and intends to fight these charges because she is not guilty of them,” he further explained.

Kim Zolciak’s Daughter Admits To Smoking THC

However, officers did inform Zolciak that they could smell alcohol on her breath. To this, Ariana alleged that the smell might be coming from her clothing. Regardless, she did admit to smoking a THC vape pen right before getting in the car. But, she didn’t accept the DUI allegations. As per the officials, she had a noticeable sway during the field sobriety tests.

Ariana and McLeroy started dating in high school back in 2018. When they first started dating, she shared a cute picture of the two of them in their formal attire before they attended the homecoming dance. This was just before Ariana’s 17th birthday.

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Her mother, Kim approved of the relationship at the time as she wrote in the comments section, “Where does the time go?? My angel @arianabiermann is headed to Homecoming with @hudson.mcleroy. Are they not the cutest!!?! They are only a few hours apart and will both turn 17 this week!!”

Are Ariana &McLeroy Back Together?

Last month, Biermann posted a picture of a dark silhouette kissing someone causing fans to speculate that she is back with McLeroy. She captioned the post, “Glimpse of us.”  Her mother cheeringly commented on the post, “Get the hell home! Miss you guys.”

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Ariana Biermann is Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s second child. She also has five other siblings, including Brielle Biermann (25), Kroy Jagger (10), Kash Kade (9), and twins Kaia Rose & Kane Ren, who are 8 years old. Ariana and Brielle are from her previous marriage to Daniel Toce. She shares the other four kids with her husband, Kroy Biermann, who is a retired NFL pro. The couple got married in 2011.

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