Lifetime’s ‘She’s Not Your Daughter’ Is LMN Thriller

Lifetime used with permission

Ready for another night of Lifetime Thrillers? You don’t want to miss the LMN premiere of She’s Not Your Daughter.

This thriller stars Alicia Leigh Willis (General Hospital, Stolen In Her Sleep), Emily Topper (The Thing About Pam, The Big Door Prize), and Jon Briddell (Tell Me A Story, Doom Patrol).

Stephen Romano (Next-Door Nightmare, You’ll Never Leave Me) is the writer, and Jeff Hare (The Happiness Playbook, Dangerous Medicine) is the director.

What Is Lifetime’s She’s Not Your Daughter About?

According to the Lifetime synopsis, She’s Not Your Daughter is about a woman who discovers that her husband has kept a chilling secret from her for years. The teenage daughter that she raised is really not her own daughter.

Moreover, her secret past has now come back to haunt the trio in a very deadly way.

When Can You Watch Lifetime’s She’s Not Your Daughter?

Catch the premiere of She’s Not Your Daughter on Friday, August 12, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on LMN.

Lifetime used with permission
Lifetime used with permission

Lifetime’s Finding My Daughter Stars Cristina Rosato, Jesse Hutch

You don’t need to end your evening of Lifetime movies early. Right after She’s Not Your Daughter is Finding My Daughter. This airs on Friday, August 12, at 10 p.m., Eastern, on LMN. This stars Cristina Rosato (Love, Fashion, Repeat, Turner & Hooch), Jesse Hutch (Christmas In Toyland, Batwoman), Megan Best (Time Cut, Missing And Alone), Kyle Cassie (Chesapeake Shores, Puppet Killer), and Al Sapienza (The Sopranos, Twin Blades).

According to the Lifetime synopsis, when Ashley (Rosato) was sixteen, she was pregnant. However, she had to give up her newborn daughter for adoption. But, for years, she always wondered what happened to her baby daughter.

Now it is eighteen years later, and Ashley has left her small town. She has rebuilt her life. Out of the blue, Ashley receives a letter from Brittany (Best). She is requesting to meet her birth mother. This is what Ashley always dreamed of!

Despite mixed emotions, Ashley gets on the first plane. Unfortunately, Brittany has vanished before Ashley deplanes. Moreover, she is not getting much help.

The only people willing to help her are bookstore owner, Scott (Cassie), and Jake (Hutch), the local sheriff who is also Ashley’s old high school boyfriend.

LMN’s She Went Missing Already On Lifetime Online

Did you miss Thursday’s LMN thriller, She Went Missing? This new thriller is already available to stream online.

Lifetime’s She Went Missing stars Corbin Reid (How To Get Away With MurderThe Rookie), and Jaime M. Callica (Merry Liddle Christmas BabyRuthless).

According to the Lifetime synopsis, when investigative reporter Maya (Reid) learns that her childhood best friend has gone missing, she decides to cover the story herself.

However, just as her return to her hometown unearths memories and rekindles past relationships. Not all is good, as a “long dormant” stalker has noticed that she is back in town. 

Because Maya still doesn’t know about this danger, she continues her investigation. But, she starts to unravel what happened to her friend when she realizes what really happened.

Will she uncover the truth about her friend’s disappearance? Or will Maya herself wind up being the next tragic news story?

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