Lifetime’s ‘Merry Liddle Christmas Baby’ Is Third Kelly Rowland Movie In Series

Merry Liddle Christmas Baby, Lifetime-used with permission from Lifetime

The Liddles are back for another Lifetime Christmas movie, Merry Liddle Christmas Baby. This stars Kelly Rowland (Empire, American Soul), Thomas Cadrot (Debris, The Good Doctor), Latonya Williams (Travelers, A Little Daytime Drama), Debbi Morgan (All My Children, Our Kind Of People), Jaimie M. Callica (Wedding Every Weekend, My Best Friend’s Bouquet), Bresha Webb (HouseBroken, Meet The Blacks), and Nathan Witte (Nine Kittens Of Christmas, Sealed With A Kiss: Wedding March 6).

Can a new baby change things for this zany family? It’s A Wonderful Lifetime after all. Expect some major Christmas drama and a lot of love!

Ready For Lifetime’s Merry Liddle Christmas Baby?

What do we know about Lifetime’s Merry Liddle Christmas Baby? According to The Futon Critic, this holiday, the Liddles are grateful and merry. Moreover, they do have a lot to be merry with this holiday season.

First off, Jacquie Liddle (Rowland) and her husband Tyler (Cadrot) are preparing for the arrival of their first baby. Are they actually prepared for all of the responsibility that goes around having a baby? You know that this is the main topic of conversation around the family!

Meanwhile, Jacquie’s sister Treena (Williams) and her husband Julian (Callica) are thinking about adopting a baby themselves. This is a different type of journey into having a family that promises to be heartwarming.

Lastly, spirited, fashionista sister Kiara’s (Webb) relationship with Chris (Witte) is heating up. Could Kiara finally be ready to settle down?

With Jacquie’s family expanding in ways she could never have expected, the Liddles are headed for a crazy Christmas filled with merry mayhem and lots of love and laughter.

Merry Liddle Christmas Lifetime-
Merry Liddle Christmas Lifetime-

Merry Liddle Schedule

There is nothing more fun than sitting down to a Lifetime Christmas movie. How about three Merry Liddle movies in a row? On Saturday, November 27 you can do this. First, there is Merry Liddle Christmas. That airs at 4 p.m. Eastern. Next, is Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding. That airs at 6 p.m., Eastern.

Lastly, catch the premiere of Merry Liddle Christmas Baby. The latest in the series premieres on Saturday, November 27, at 8 p.m. Eastern, on Lifetime.

Kelly Rowland Discusses It’s A Wonderful Lifetime Movie

Recently, The Today Show talked to Kelly Rowland about her new Lifetime movie. Moreover, we get into the head of Jackie, and her journey throughout the three movies. She has transformed her life and is figuring out how to make it all work. Moreover, her character’s journey mirrors her own.

“In the first one, Jackie’s falling in love, she’s a tech entrepreneur, and in the second one, she finally gets married to the guy who’s across the street, funny enough. They end up being this wonderful couple, and now they’re having a baby, but the dynamics of her life change the way my life changed when I became a mother. Trying to figure out how to be a mother, how to be with this man and his two children because that’s what Tyler has in the film and also how to balance it all and she’s having her own baby; he has two kids, she wants to still conquer the world. It’s like trying to figure that out, and then your family comes into town for the holidays — it’s a whole situation.”

Don’t miss Merry Liddle Christmas Baby. This premieres on Lifetime on Saturday, November 27, at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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