Double Lock Your Doors & Watch Lifetime’s ‘Next Door Nightmare’


Do you think your neighbors are bad news? Then you may want to catch Lifetime’s latest thriller Next Door Nightmare and be grateful for the ones you have. This movie stars Julia Borsellino (On The Basis Of Sex, You May Kiss The Bridesmaid), Mark Taylor (A Christmas Tree Grows In Colorado, Frankie Drake Mysteries), Deborah Grover (Jann, Anne With An E), Marium Carvell (Sex/Life, A Sisterly Christmas), and Cait Alexander (The Handmaid’s Tale, Lethal Love) star.

Think that little old lady next door is sweet? Lifetime wants you to think again!

What Is Lifetime’s Next Door Nightmare About?

Lifetime’s Next Door Nightmare is their latest cautionary tale. What is it about? According to the Lifetime synopsis, Sarah (Borsellino) and Kyle (Taylor) are a young couple who just moved to a new place. They are expecting a baby and are ready to start a new chapter in their lives.

Their next-door neighbor is Helen (Grover). Sweet and charismatic, the couple takes to this older woman. However, they have no idea she’s a deeply disturbed psychopath. Moreover, she will stop at nothing to become Sarah’s surrogate mother. Worse yet, Helen has designs to become grandmother to Sarah’s baby.

When Can You Watch Lifetime’s Next Door Nightmare?

The premiere of Lifetime’s Next Door Nightmare is on Saturday, July 24, at 8 p.m. Eastern.

Don’t Forget The Summer Of Santas!

Ready to get in from the melting sun and enjoy a holiday movie? Its A Wonderful Lifetime has your holiday stories available 24/7 with Summer of Santas. Catch some of your favorite 2020 holiday movies online, commercial-free.

What are some of the movies to watch? Start out with the very popular The Christmas Setup. This groundbreaking movie stars real-life married couple Ben Lewis (Arrow) and Blake Lee (Parks and Recreation). Moreover, Fran Drescher (The Nanny) stars in this hysterical holiday movie. She is in full Nanny mode and a total riot. Lastly, Ellen Wong (Glow) also stars.

Don’t forget the entertaining A Sugar And Spice Holiday. This diverse movie stars Jacky Lai (V-Wars) and Tony Giroux (Motherland: Fort Salem) in the first Christmas-themed movie with an all-Asian cast.

Next, check out Dear Christmas. This stars the dream team of Melissa Joan Hart (Melissa and Joey), and Jason Priestley (90210). This is a fan favorite that is worth an extra viewing.

There are more. Everyone loves to watch Christmas movies in July. Lifetime has a cornucopia of holiday movies to enjoy. They recently added You Light Up My Christmas, as well as A Very Vintage Christmas. Moreover, just hop on over to Lifetime and start streaming. Enjoy the snow, Christmas cookies, hot chocolate, and a whole lot of holiday romance.

Be sure to catch the premiere of Next Door Nightmare on Saturday, July 24, at 8 p.m. Eastern, on the Lifetime Channel.

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