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Isabel Roloff Shares Heartbreaking Loss: ‘Will Never Forget Him’

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Attached to a black-and-white photo, Jacob’s wife Isabel Roloff shared an update about a heartbreaking loss her family suffered recently. The post also included a cluster of colorful, emotional photos as well. What did Isabel and Jacob’s family lose recently?

Isabel Roloff shares heartbreaking loss, “will never forget him”

Next to a black and white photo of a precious cat named Milo, Isabel penned a very long and emotional update on her furry friend. Isabel explained that Milo had been a member of the family long before her dog, Moose. Jacob Roloff’s wife explained that it was back in 2013 when she convinced her mother they needed a kitten. She recalled driving to a few different towns until they found him and adopted him. Instantly, they fell in love with the gorgeous coloring of his fur.

Isabel Roloff Instagram
Isabel Roloff Instagram

Now, Isabel Roloff wasn’t shy about acknowledging that she was definitely more of a dog person. Back in 2013, however, she still had a lot of growing to do. And, her mother didn’t believe she was ready for a dog at that point in time. So, adopting a kitten was the best next thing. Isabel recalled any animal coming into the family would bring both her and her mother to life. So, she knew pets were great for their mental health.

Isabel Roloff explained how she selected the name Milo for the gorgeous little cat. While she intended for the cat to be hers, the cat had other plans. Isabel noted that it quickly became clear this cat belonged to her mother and not her. Speaking of the cat’s relationship with her mother she said Milo was “a friend we didn’t know she needed.”

Isabel Roloff Instagram
Isabel Roloff Instagram

She continued: “One night at the end of January, only a few nights before my mother would eventually pass, Milo came upstairs to sleep with me. For the first time since we had brought him home. I suppose he knew then that he had done his job. Milo completed the mission I believe he came here to do— bring joy, companionship, comfort to a woman who needed it.”

I’ll never forget him for that. A small cat whose impact was much bigger than we could possibly know.”

Fans ask what happened to Milo

The combination of this black-and-white photo and the words “I’ll never forget him” made the hearts of Isabel Roloff’s Instagram following sink. What happened to this sweet cat? Did Milo pass away? In the comments, many of her followers asked what happened to Milo. They, however, suspected that her family must’ve suffered a tragic and heartbreaking loss for her to post something so emotional.

Isabel Roloff reassured her followers that Milo did not pass away. They, however, did suffer a heartbreaking loss because he left her family and moved on to another family. Isabel made it a point to clarify she did not give this cat away. He simply decided his time and job with Isabel was done and he was ready to move on to a new family. So, he left.

Isabel Roloff Instagram
Isabel Roloff Instagram

It was clear from her post that Isabel Roloff had a lot of love for this cat and she would never forget Milo.

Did you think Isabel Roloff’s heartbreaking post was about Milo passing away? Share your thoughts on Isabel’s moving post in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on Little People, Big World.

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