‘LPBW’ Fans Blast Jacob & Isabel Roloff: Ultimate Hypocrites?

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Jacob and his wife Isabel Roloff have landed on the hot seat on the LPBW subreddit today. As TvShowsAce recently reported, Isabel has been in the hot seat for a few days after she attended Audrey’s offensive party, told Instagram to stop fat-shaming her, and admitted she uses a filter to fake her freckles.

Jacob, however, has now landed in the hot seat too over something he tweeted early this morning. What did he tweet? And, why are Little People, Big World fans calling Jacob and his wife the ultimate hypocrites? Keep reading.

Jacob and Isabel - YouTube
Jacob and Isabel – YouTube

Jacob Roloff calls attention to his non-existent net worth

The former TLC star took to Twitter this morning to call attention to his net worth. He noted that for some reason people have begun to Google his net worth.

“Uh oh people are googling my net worth again ,, apparently I have $700,000 somewhere I’m just working for vibes,” he penned before claiming people that believe this is his net worth have “no brains.”  

Roughly an hour after he shared the tweet on Twitter, a screenshot of his tweet surfaced on Reddit. The LPBW fans on Reddit called Jacob Roloff out for caring an awful lot about what people say despite claiming he didn’t care at all.

The OP of the thread penned: “We already knew jacob and Izzy lurk this sub. Here he is responding to someone talking about his net worth in a thread this week.”

Isabel and Jacob Roloff - Instagram
Isabel and Jacob Roloff – Instagram

His wife was also trolled for obviously following the subreddit

As TvShowsAce previously reported, Isabel Roloff took to her Instagram Stories recently to take issue with fat-shaming still being a thing in the year 2022. Little People, Big World fans pointed out that Isabel would have to follow the subreddit closely to know there were people discussing her weight inside of one of the threads.

Both Isabel and her husband Jacob Roloff are being crucified by fans on Reddit as the ultimate hypocrites for claiming they want nothing to do with the show and yet continuing to make posts that are basically responding to what has been posted on Reddit

Jacob Roloff's Wife Preparing To Launch Podcast? [Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram]
[Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram]
Now, the people of Reddit agreed with Jacob Roloff that the sites claiming his net worth was $700,000 were likely untrue. After all, fans claimed he wouldn’t be living on his father’s property with his wife and his son if he was worth $700K. Likewise, Jacob admitted he would not be working to support his family if he had that kind of money sitting around.

Are Jacob Roloff and his wife hypocrites? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Little People, Big World family.

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