Isabel Roloff Upset Over New Change, Holds On To ‘Old School’

Isabel Roloff Instagram

Isabel Roloff isn’t feeling the latest update on Instagram. And, she’s been VERY vocal about it on both her profile and her stories. In the most recent Instagram post on her profile, she admits the latest update just wasn’t for “people like her.” Jacob Roloff’s wife proceeds to own the fact that she is very passionate about writing lengthy captions featuring thoughts from deep within her soul. She takes comfort in spilling her heart out on her newsfeed. Most importantly, she doesn’t care if there isn’t a single person following her that enjoys her long captions.

Isabel Roloff finds the method to her madness to be comforting. It’s therapeutic for her and that’s all that really matters in her book. Sadly, the latest update to Instagram is taking this type of therapy and peace away from her. And, she isn’t here for it.

Isabel Roloff Shares Precious Throwback Snap Of Herself At Age 5 [Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram]
[Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram]

Isabel Roloff says writing keeps her on Instagram

Now, Isabel Roloff does take the time to clarify she doesn’t have issues with the option of creating videos and reels. In fact, she fessed up that she does enjoy creating videos for her followers too. Writing, however, is what brought her to Instagram. Likewise, writing is what keeps her ON Instagram. Isabel Roloff admits that if Instagram didn’t provide her with such a nice outlet to get her thoughts and feelings out into words, she probably would have run for the hills a long time ago.

She continued to pen: “Now it feels like things are really changing. Maybe I missed the boat. Maybe I should have published my book a long time ago. Who knows.”

Isabel Roloff - Instagram
Isabel Roloff – Instagram

Instagram trying to control how people live?

Isabel Roloff admits a lot of people enjoy sites like TikTok because they find comfort in living a fast-paced life. Moreover, she thinks everyone is busy training themselves to have shorter and shorter attention spans. She, however, has no desire to get on that boat.

I hate to think of what this will do to photographers, models, or writers. People who truly rely on the static feed post to get exposure. Frankly, if I wanted to download Tik Tok I would have years ago. Speaking for myself here, I feel like we liked seeing our friends’ faces on our feeds (in chronological order anyone?) and we genuinely liked reading the long, storytelling captions of those we follow and admire here. Perhaps this is the end of what was once a beautiful thing. It might be.

Isabel Roloff concluded her post by adding that she would continue to put her heart and deep thoughts into her posts. She would keep being vulnerable. And, she didn’t care who was or wasn’t watching.

Isabel Roloff Instagram
Isabel Roloff Instagram

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