Isabel Roloff Teases Freckled Bust In Gorgeous Selfie

Isabel Roloff Teases Freckled Bust In Gorgeous Selfie [Isabel Roloff | Instagram]

Isabel Roloff teased her freckled bust in a gorgeous selfie. The Little People, Big World star is feeling confident about her body lately. This comes after she opened up about her struggles with body image. Read on to learn more and to see the photo for yourself.

LPBW star gets real about body image

Last month, Isabel Roloff opened up about her journey with body image. She’s been confidently displaying her body on social media. There’s no question that Isabel is a beautiful woman. Sadly, she doesn’t always see herself that way.

When she posted a swimsuit photo, she admitted that she liked what she saw. That’s the reason why she wanted to share it with her followers. However, there are times when she doesn’t feel her best. Isabel has to shut down her internal critic and just appreciate her true beauty.

Isabel Roloff's Glowing Selfie [Isabel Roloff | Instagram]
[Isabel Roloff | Instagram]
“My inner critic said awful, mean things and I vowed this would never see the light of day. Well, this is me giving the middle finger to my inner critic 🙂,” Isabel Roloff bluntly wrote. “I feel good. I look good. I am so much more than just my body.”

She shared an important message with her followers. The TLC star wants to “normalize the fact that we don’t have to necessarily like where our bodies are at.” Rather, it’s about learning to love yourself as you are. It’s the same way that you would treat a friend or a loved one.

Isabel Roloff's Body Image Struggles [Isabel Roloff | Instagram]
[Isabel Roloff | Instagram]
Since then, Isabel Roloff has continued to share swimsuit photos. She celebrated her latest post with the caption: “hot mom summer.” Fans are happy to see that Isabel is sharing these photos with them. However, they were confused when Isabel said she posted a “bikini photo” when she was wearing a one-piece swimsuit.

Isabel Roloff shows off a busty selfie

Earlier this week, Isabel Roloff took to her Instagram Story to share a stunning selfie with her followers. She put her voluptuous bust on display. Isabel smiled brightly for the camera as she rocked a black low-cut outfit. It was hard to tell if she had on a dress or a top.

Most of the focus was on Isabel’s freckled bust. She paired her look with a simple gold necklace. Isabel proudly showed off her curves as well as her freckles. She only had on a little mascara and mauve lip color.

“Freckles on the face: fake. On the chest: Real,” Isabel Roloff confirmed with her fans.

Isabel Roloff's Busty Selfie [Isabel Roloff | Instagram Stories]
[Isabel Roloff | Instagram Stories]
She wanted to add freckles to her face so it would match her bust. What are your thoughts on Isabel Roloff’s latest Instagram Story? Are you inspired by her body-confident photos? Sound off below in the comment section.

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