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‘Sister Wives’ Ysabel Brown Does Makeover On Adorable Niece

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Now that Sister Wives star Ysabel Brown is an adult, she’s free to make her own choices. However, she’s still opting to spend a lot of time with her family, particularly her nieces and nephew. The 19-year-old just can’t get enough of the kids.

Ysabel’s mother Christine Brown managed to capture a really sweet moment between Ysabel and Evie Brush. Little Evie turns three years old in just a few weeks, so she’s very interested in spending time with her aunt Ysabel. Keep reading to check out the cute photos.

Ysabel Brown has a great time playing with her young niece

During the course of Sister Wives, fans watched Ysabel Brown blossom into a caring, intelligent, and goofy young woman. She’s always been one of the more fun-loving siblings. That was true in her childhood and it seems to be true now that Ysabel is an adult. The 19-year-old posts plenty of photos of outings and antics with her friends and sisters.

Ysabel Brown from Instagram
Ysabel Brown/Instagram

But it’s not just all fun and games for Ysabel. She also has a nurturing side. Fans can see it when she spends time with her nieces, Avalon and Evie, and her nephew Axel. The TLC personality just can’t get enough time with the little ones.

Maddie Brush is Ysabel’s half-sister. Kody fathered both women, but Maddie’s mother is Janelle Brown. But labels like that never seemed to matter much in the Brown household. Ysabel spends quite a lot of time in the Brush house and loves playing with Maddie’s kids. Christine managed to get a great photo of some playtime between Ysabel and Maddie’s daughter, Evie.

“Evie is getting a makeover from Ysabel!!” Christine captioned the sweet photos on Instagram. In the pictures, Evie sits nicely while Ysabel gives her some light makeup to wear for fun.

Ysabel Brown, from Christine Brown Instagram
Christine Brown/Instagram

Many of Christine’s followers fell in love with the photos. They thought it was so wholesome to see Ysabel play with her little niece.

I just LOVE this Christine! ❤️” one follower wrote in the comments. 

“Can’t believe how much she’s grown… How adorable 😍” another fan wrote about Evie.

Do you hope to see more of this great aunt/niece relationship when Sister Wives returns for Season 17? Let everyone know what you think in the comments.

Christine Brown says goodbye

By now, Sister Wives fans all know that Christine Brown is no longer part of the family. The family made a formal announcement about her departure in late 2021. But when Season 17 premieres, it seems fans will get to see how the drama completely unfolds.

It appears that Christine even sold off her portion of the Coyote Pass property to Kody and Robyn. Some viewers are surprised by the decision, while others saw it coming. Christine Brown was wildly unhappy in the family for quite some time. It doesn’t shock many Sister Wives fans that she finally decided to break free.

Will you watch Season 17 when it premieres on September 11? Leave your opinions in the comments and stay tuned for the latest Sister Wives stories.

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