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‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Sells Coyote Pass Property

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After news of Christine and Kody Brown’s split brokeSister Wives fans wondered what that meant for her chunk of Coyote Pass. Would she keep it? Would she sell it/give it to someone in the family? Or, would she list her portion and sell it to a third party? Turns out, Christine Brown made a decision on what to do with her portion of Coyote Pass. What did she decide? Keep reading for the details.

Christine Brown makes decision about Coyote Pass

As Sister Wives fans know, Christine Brown made the decision to leave her husband kody. Also leaving her sister wives Meri, Janelle, and Robyn, Christine made the decision to move to Utah to be closer to her children. Now, as fans know, Christine Brown has held on to her bond with Janelle Brown as they continue to hang out and vacation together. It, however, is unclear if she has any sort of relationship with Robyn or Kody.

Leaving Flagstaff, Sister Wives fans can’t help but wonder about Coyote Pass. What will she do with her chunk of the property? Fortunately, according to The Sun, she’s made a decision.

According to the outlet, Christine Brown sold her portion of Coyote Pass to Kody and Robyn Brown exactly a year after confirming her decision to leave him.

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As fans who are current on the details of Coyote Pass know, the Brown family purchased four portions of land in Flagstaff, Arizona back in 2018. With a price tag of $820,000, the property was called Coyote Pass. The Coconino County Court estimated the chunk of property that Christine Brown owned was worth approximately $300,000.

About a week ago, real estate records confirm the deed for Christine’s chunk of the property changed hands. According to the deed, Christine Brown sold her chunk of the property to Kody and Robyn Brown. The shocking part of this story is the price tag. The deed claims that Christine signed the property over to Kody and his “favorite wife” for a grand total of $10 on July 28, 2022. Presently, there are still no permits in place to start building on the property.

Sister Wives from TLC

Did she really sell for just $10?

Now, fans are scratching their heads wondering why Christine Brown would sell property worth $300,000 to someone she can’t stand for just $10. Fans are assuming $10 is just what was put on the paperwork for tax purposes. Sister Wives fans have a hard time believing she would have actually been willing to let the property go for just $10.

Are you surprised by what Christine Brown decided to do with her portion of the property? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on Sister Wives.

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  1. I am sure she got a lot more than that. Kody has lost a lot of his income and had to pay under the table. He is such a evil person.

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