‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Season 11: Dr. Now Spills Show’s Future

My 600-Lb. Life - YouTube/TLC

Fans of My 600-Lb. Life have been patiently awaiting an announcement from TLC about Season 11 of the show. Moreover, there has been some doubt cast about the show returning as rumors swirled the series was being canceled and Dr. Now had been axed. Will TLC renew the series for Season 11 or has it been canceled? Finally, fans have answers.

Dr. Now Confirms New Season Of My 600-Lb. Life

There has been speculation as to whether or not My 600-Lb. Life would be returning to television. TLC didn’t make any announcements about the series when it renewed other shows. Not to mention, the beloved Dr. Nowzaradan, better known as Dr. Now, had not said anything about Season 11.

The good doctor finally broke his silence on the matter though. Dr. Now shared a snapshot of himself from the show on Instagram and captioned it, “New season of My 600lb life coming your way soon.”

My 600-Lb. Life - Instagram/Dr Nowzaradan

Credit: Instagram/Dr. Nowzaradan

Fans of the show were quick to jump in to express their delight. One comment read, “Best news ever!” while another person added, “Yay! I thought it was canceled!”

Rumors about the show being canceled have been circulating for some time. It has been revealed that the production company allegedly engages in some unethical behavior. For example, it has been reported that some former cast members were promised help with medical bills and other expenses that they never received. In some cases, they weren’t able to afford the bills and wound up in debt.

Other rumors about the show hinted at the production company encouraging bad, unhealthy behavior to create better television. It has been suggested that people who appear on the show are asked not to have scales in their homes to add to the drama of weigh-ins on camera.

With these kinds of rumors going around, it was becoming questionable as to whether or not the show would be renewed. Thankfully, Dr. Now has confirmed there are more episodes of My 600-Lb. Life coming soon, but what else has been revealed?

When Is The Season 11 Premiere Date?

Unfortunately, there still hasn’t been an official premiere date announced yet. However, Dr. Now’s confirmation of the next season is more than fans have had in recent months.

My 600-Lb. Life - Youtube/TLC

Credit: YouTube/TLC

Because he has spilled the news about the show’s future, it is only a matter of time before producers and the network pinpoint a date to debut the next season. While there hasn’t been any official announcement, it can be assumed that fans will see the show return later this year.

Historically, new seasons of My 600-Lb. Life premiere in the late fall. Season 10, for instance, premiered on November 10 last year. It is possible that the new episodes will air closer to that time.

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  1. Thank you Dr. Now…..I love all the excuses people come up with why they couldn’t follow your diet plan…..I bet you’ve heard them all. Can’t wait till season 11 airs on TLC

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