‘600-Lb. Life’ Production Bars Cast Members From Having Scales?

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Fans of My 600-Lb. Life have started to question some of the ethics and motives of the producers of the show. Most recently, viewers took to Reddit to pose an interesting question. Are the cast members on the show barred from having a scale in their homes during filming?

Why Don’t More People Have Scales?

One Redditor posed a question that led viewers to discuss why more cast members don’t have a scale in their homes. “I’m watching Megan’s Story (s8e14) now and she’s the first person I’ve seen who got a scale so she could actually weigh herself. Pretty sure I found the one she has and it’s $100 so, all things considered, it’s not a huge expense,” they wrote.

600-Lb. Life - YouTube/TLC Australia

Credit: YouTube/TLC Australia

The person went on to say that they found others for about $35. So, why aren’t more people attempting to lose weight on the show making these efforts? “If the price is an issue, they’re probably saving more than the cost of it in the first week if they actually stick to the diet,” the Redditor concluded.

Other viewers were quick to add in their two cents. “If you piss on a pad in the morning instead of going to the bathroom, do you really care about a scale?” one person wrote. Some people agreed with this statement. After all, if you are barely alive yourself and feel your life is in shambles, who is thinking about buying a scale? Some of the people featured on the show don’t even bother with sheets on the bed.

One commenter offered some of their own personal experience. “When I was very over weight my tactic was hiding from the number, so I didn’t have a scale or go to the doctor. [I] just kept telling myself that I’ll fix this one day, and kept getting fatter.”

Are 600-Lb. Life Cast Members Allowed?

As the question was discussed further on Reddit, viewers wondered whether or not cast members were actually allowed to have a scale in their homes during the time they filmed. “I have thought about this and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are low key disincentivized from having a scale at home by production,” one person suggested.

600-Lb. Life - YouTube/tlc uk

Credit: YouTube/tlc uk

The genuine surprise by the number on the scale makes for more dramatic and sensational television, but it could be hindering their progress. It was even suggested that Dr. Now should be providing a scale to his patients, as many doctors do so that they can monitor their weight at home.

While it seems like the production company, and possibly even the doctor, are setting the patients up for failure in this manner, there is no evidence to suggest they have barred My 600-Lb. Life cast members from owning a scale at home. For many, it is likely a personal choice or simply not affordable.

Why do you think more cast members from My 600-Lb. Life don’t buy their own scales? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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