Lucas Higdon Reveals How He Ended Up On ‘My 600-Lb. Life’

Lucas Higdon from TLC

How do people like Lucas Higdon come to get involved with My 600-Lb. Life anyway? That’s a question that many fans generally have while watching the show.

Does the production team seek people out? Do people volunteer?

Season 10 participant Lucas Higdon has been pretty active on Reddit lately and is more than happy to answer people’s questions. Keep reading to learn a little more about his time on the show.

Lucas Higdon reveals how TLC cast him to take part in the show

There are many unflattering moments on My 600-Lb. Life. This leaves many fans wondering how they get people to sign up in the first place.

“What do you think Dr. Now thinks about these patients brought onto the show that never follow through?” one Redditor asked. “Like many people, I’ve noticed that the earlier seasons of the show had more success stories, and more motivated people that weren’t just absolute train wrecks. Of course there were episodes with people like that, but I feel like Season 10 was exclusively people who were either super vulnerable with little to no chance of actual attainable success, or people who are just clearly insufferable.”

Lucas Higdon/TLC

The OP went on to say that they just wonder what Dr. Now thinks about the patients he’s working with. Does he even have any say in the matter?

Dr. Now didn’t reply, but Season 10 guest Lucas Higdon did. He revealed that he actually sought out Dr. Now’s help first.

“…I planned a visit and drove to Houston to see him. Initial visit was expensive as hell but when I finally got to see him, after what felt like a novel of questionnaires and papers to fill out,” Lucas wrote. “We discussed my situation and he offered if I wanted to be on the show to get the surgery and I agreed. He took a picture of me and told me that he would make contact with megalomedia to see about getting me on it. And two days later I had a phone call from execs. So for me they didn’t scout me out.”

My 600-Lb. Life from TLC
Lucas Higdon/TLC

Bariatric surgery is wildly expensive and isn’t always covered by insurance. Many people agree to do the show in the first place so they can get the procedure while TLC pays for it.

In a follow-up comment, Lucas revealed that he’s doing quite well after getting the surgery and continues to lose weight.

The TLC personality had a positive experience overall

In other threads, Lucas Higdon was perfectly open about his experience and what it was like to lose weight on national television.

In response to a different Reddit thread, Lucas described his new meal plan. He says that Dr. Now always makes sure that he is eating the right things and continues to exercise.

My 600-Lb. Life fans should be pleased to know that Lucas Higdon was a successful case!

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