Dr. Now Fired By TLC: ‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Canceled? [Exclusive]

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A former successful cast member of My 600-Lb. Life reached out to us exclusively with some shocking accusations that included Dr. Now being fired by TLC and the series potentially being canceled (or at least re-branded). While this cast member has asked to remain anonymous (we assume for legal contract reasons), TvShowsAce can confirm this cast member did have a successful journey on My 600-Lb. Life that included getting approved for the surgery.


This cast member proceeded to tell us they haven’t actually had their surgery and are currently stuck in limbo. Turns out, there are some issues involving Dr. Now, the network, and the insurance involved in paying for the surgeries the TLC doctor performs. Sadly, we’ve also learned there are nearly a dozen cast members that have been approved for the surgery but are now stuck in limbo.

My 600 Lb Life - Dr Now - Youtube
My 600 Lb Life – Dr Now – Youtube

Dr. Now fired by TLC?

Speaking exclusively to one of Dr. Now’s patients, we are being told the lawsuits piling up against the physician from former cast members (and their family members in some cases) have caused a bit of a roadblock. The lawsuits are becoming too expensive of a problem for the network to want to deal with.

Furthermore, the lawsuits present a massive issue for the insurance company that foots the bill for Dr. Now’s surgery and any additional care. The pile of lawsuits has turned Dr. Now into a liability for the insurance company. This cast member alleges that the insurance company has dropped Dr. Now and refused to cover any more of his patients.

Between the lawsuits and the lack of insurance, we are being told Dr. Now has become too much of an expense for the network to want to continue to work with him.

Dr Now 600 pound life Instagram
Dr Now YouTube

Is My 600-Lb. Life being canceled?

Now, this is where things get a little dicey. When we spoke to this cast member, they told us there were nearly a dozen patients stuck in limbo because the insurance refused to cover the surgery. Fans who watch My 600-Lb. Life know Dr. Now is NOT TLC’s only doctor in this field. Allegedly, the cast members were offered the option of relocating and getting the surgery from one of the other physicians that TLC works with.

Allegedly, there is also another doctor working out of Dr. Now’s practice that may take over care of the patients that do not wish to relocate away from Houston, Texas.

This information does mean My 600-Lb. Life getting canceled is a possibility. It is also possible the network could re-brand the series. Likewise, the series could just continue with a new physician.

My 600 lb Life: Dr Younan Nowzaradan
My 600 lb Life: Dr Younan Nowzaradan

Could this information really be true?

Typically, a new season of Where Are They Now follows right behind the conclusion of a season of My 600-Lb. Life. That, however, did not happen when this last season of the series. If the network is having trouble trying to decide how to move forward with the show, it would make sense as to why updates on cast members with a new season of Where Are They Now never happened.

Do you think what this cast member has told us about Dr. Now getting fired and the future of My 600-Lb. Life could be true? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest TLC news.

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  1. I think the patients who are suing Dr. Now are looking to make a quick buck. It’s their own fault they aren’t losing the weight, it’s called gluttony. They are give a 1200 diet plan but refuse to follow it. I wouldn’t pay them a dime.

    1. I agree 100 percent. I don’t understand why the tapes showing what they are eating should be turned over to Dr. Now so when they look him in the eye and lie about what they are eating. He has the evidence to face them down.

      1. I wouldn’t give them a Penny split in half. These people are dirty lazy and are just trying to take it out on the Doctor that’s Low. They sit around eating junk food all day long wanting to loose weight working there jaws not there legs and abdomen. I hope and will pray for Dr Now so everything can favor him..

          1. I don’t care what doctor they might get for the show. The lawsuits will continue! These people don’t follow the instructions and want to make a quick buck! I’ve watched this show for years and love Dr. Now! If they take him off the show I won’t watch anymore! He is an excellent doctor and this is just not right! He tells it like it is, if the patients won’t listen then how is this his fault??

          2. Agree! This doctor has been so concerned and really cares about the morbidly obese all these years and so many lives improved. Dr. Nowzarski has spent his time caring for others, and as soon as the uneducated, fat people see an opportunity they go for money that they definitely don’t deserve! They think they will b awarded someone else’s hard-earned money so they can live “rich” and have all the food they can shove into their mouths.
            Don’t give any of them a penny!

          3. Plan a simple they on fault if they eating 2 large pizza and cookie pizza plus 2 litter soda

        1. I didn’t think they liked the outcome because I watch the show all the time and I’m all for Dr Now. and with out him it’s not worth watching

        2. Amen, All I see is that Dr Now really cares about his patients, and really wants to save their lives. He goes to sometimes extreme ways to help them and all they do is lie to him about following his diet and other instructions. I’m not several hundred pounds over weight, bout less than 100 lbs over weight I just wish he wasn’t so far away from me. I’d love to have his help.

        3. Not all the patients cheated on thier diet.
          Some of the lawsuits are by patients that claim the Producers of the show would do stuff to cause drama.
          Some of the patients had the Producers order Pizza, burgers and other forbidden
          foods to make it look like the patient was cheating on thier diet , when they were not. But then they were given
          a harsh lecture by Dr. Now about how they were wasting his time because they were cheating on the diet and he was trying to help them.

          And about a dozen patients that were approved for wieghtloss durgery never recieved the surgery.
          And so they are quite upset about it. Rightfully so.
          Look it up about the lawsuits, because not all of the patients that are suing are the bad guys.
          What the Producers did to the patients is wrong, they were thier to get help to save thier lives. And the Producers played Russian Roulette with thier health for ratings. It’s horrible.

          Instead of firing Dr. Now they instead should replace the shady Producers of the show.
          Losing wieght is very hard, and nobody has a right to stand in judgement of how big someone is.
          Yes some patients did not try as hard as they could.
          But they need people prayers and compassion not judgement.
          Judge not lest ye be judged.

          1. come on! and you believe to these compulsive liars? the staff buy pizza to them? ahahahahaahhahaahahahahahahahahahahahahah

          2. Totally agree and you are right,one of the producers or top man is Dr now’s son so it’s actually all about them making money not about weight loss,look it up you brainless pieces of hua

          3. The producers really? Could they do stuff to incite a little drama? Of course they could have and maybe so. But to blame them for the patients being dropped very unlikely. Your own words “Some of the patients had the Producers order Pizza, burgers and other forbidden
            foods to make it look like the patient was cheating on thier diet , when they were not”.
            2 things wrong with that. 1st Why would the patients need the producers to order the food, when they can just order themselves?
            2nd The scales Do Not lie so it is not about being made to look like they are cheating. The scales show they are cheating.
            As for the those waiting for the surgery. That is on the people/families that are upset that were dropped for cheating getting pissed and suing. Those lawsuits are what has caused those approved for surgery to continue to have to wait.

          4. Finally, a comment that makes sense! Gail, I agree with you. But I need to add that Dr. Now gives too much negative feedback to his patients, many of them already have a lot of negativity in their lives. And, if his recommendations truly work then why is he overweight? Ever notice his “bowling ball” belly? Maybe He should practice what he preaches. Maybe then he’d see how difficult it can be to stick to 1200 calories per day when your body’s used to 5000+ calories per day!
            As for the producers, they are totally wrong bringing junk foods into the scenario. Many of these people have eating disorders brought on by some traumatic event(s). Ever try to live with someone who abuses you daily? It doesn’t have to be physical abuse, words hurt too! What if they had a parent(s) that called them stupid all the time? That’s traumatic to a child, they feel rejected not loved. Maybe they grew up in a household where they were fed junk all the time and don’t know any better. So before you judge these people, stop and think of the things they’ve had to live with.
            Many of them are depressed and need more help than surgery. And if these surgeries are so successful, why does the caption at the beginning of the show state that the success rate is less than 5%?????
            These surgeries are dangerous!

          1. I think Dr Now should retire and go enjoy his life and stop wasting his time trying to help greedy people. These people cannot be helped and are only looking to blame somebody anybody for their problems.Dr Now is way too good to be dealing with all of this.

        4. that is just rude. for some of them food is an addition just like drugs. others it because of an illness. I was very heavy and found out I had Cushing’s disease. I’d gain wheather I ate salad or burgers. now on the correct med I am losing. so the next time you want to criticize fat people. close your mouth and open your mind

      2. People with normal metabolisms Cannot eat themselves to 600 lbs because they have a set point. Dr Now is an excellent surgeon. I loved his book!

        1. Are you serious? You think someone with a “normal metabolism” that eats 6-10k calories a day isn’t going to gain weight? You’re naive if you believe that. It may take them longer but you can be sure they WILL gain weight & get morbidly obese by eating that many calories a DAY. 6-10k calories supports the weight of 600-1000 pounds. Add to that zero exercise & anyone would become morbidly obese – even someone with a hyper metabolism.

        2. Love the program. Dr Now seems to really care for these morbidly obese patients. How ungrateful to try to sue him, people are so greedy…Let him continue to help these lost souls..

    2. I agree. So many of these patients don’t listen to the Doctors advice. They think they are smarter and if they were they wouldn’t have needed him. I think he has done so much and truly cares what happens to them more than they do themselves. They want easy money. Easy weight loss. Everyone else to do the work for them. Most live off the government anyway. Dr. Now deserves to be respected not crapped on by these people. Want want want. That’s their motto. Dr. Nows is give give give. I truly feel bad for the doctor but not the so called patients.

    3. I really like Dr.Now. He works hard and he is serious. Don’t give those ungrateful fly by nights a dime.

    4. I too agree with all that is being said in favor of Dr. Now I really enjoy his show and his passion for helping the extremely morbid obese clients he gets. Its a shame that this is happening to him he doesn’t deserve this. Shame on all who have filed these claims and shame on the TV broadcast channel who now has abandoned him along with everyone else. If he is cancelled I personally don’t care to watch the show or any spin off!

        1. Not a caring doctor. I have worked with many bariatric surgeons and the first thing you would do is set them up with a dietitian the first week. He waits months to do that? I hope he gets fired. I hope that the news is true. I’m not morbidly obese I am in the overweight category and I will not worry about that. My BMI is 29. But regardless of that fat people should not rely on people making cash for themselves. I’m not referring to real bariatric surgeons. No you stupid people out there that watch the show have you not realize that he’s in a strip mall? He should be in a university hospital. Until you get a brain quit saying he’s great. Because he is not. Ignorant backwoods fucking idiots.

      1. I between consultations with Dr.Now, the cameras following the patients at homeget go record the gross amounts of food they are stuffing into their mouths. I sometimes wonder if the Doc sees this proof, as well. But even if he doesn’t the proof is there. Before they have even swallowed, the next handful of food is being pushed into their mouths. Sometimes I wonder they don’t choke.
        And yet they blatantly lie to the doc and say they are following his rules.

      2. I totally agree with you. Dr Now does all he can for these morbid obese individuals…it is these individuals that fail Dr Now. Sort of like the saying… you can lead a horse to water…but you can’t make them drink. These patients are given the proper diet, by Dr Now, to follow… but he can’t be with them 24-7 to make sure they eat only what he has told them. Shame on the Network for abandoning Dr Now. Let’s put the blame where the blame belongs. Shame on the Network ! If no Dr Now…I’m done !!!

    5. I totally agree, I watch this show, and get so annoyed at the people that refuse to get up and walk and act like they are doing act Now a favour, they make me sick! And yes it is glutony , and in a lot of cases theparents are also to blame for enabling and also need to change their diets, The amount that some of these people eat is criminal, and they don’t supportThemselves basically we are paying for them to eat themselves to death, and they probably get welfare and also the people caring for them so that’s two people being paid for them to be Gluttons! They don’t deserve the help they get, Medicaid is probably paying for it all. Dr now is Good ,I like him!

    6. I agree 100% for Dr. Now to remain in practice. He has tried over and over with these people and they are too lazy to get up and try to walk, exer is even in their chair to exercise. They are looking for easy money so thry don’t have to work. Don’t give them a dime!

    7. I totally agree! They want there 15 min of face after being non-compliant in given strict instructions to stay in program. Bariatric surgery is not cheap at all. I would love to have the surgery.

    8. I agree with you. They are stubborn. It’s their own fault they let themselves get that big. It leads to death and Dr Now tries to help them.
      They are just a lost cause unless they listen and do every single thing they are supposed to.

    9. Never before have we in society had to deal with eating disorders and food addicts of this magnitude! Just like drug addicts, alcoholics, and hooked gamblers, foodaholics will lie, cheat, sabotage, and relapse then blame whoever doesn’t enable them. God bless any professional, caregiver, or loved one who has to deal with them

      1. Blame it on the Industrial Age! Before, food was not as readily available & most meals were cooked as eating out was more the rich. Most lived in areas where they didn’t even have restaurants! Now there’s a food supplier on nearly every corner, food delivery services, pre-made meal delivery services, & pre-made or packaged meals from the grocery stores. Most ppl don’t prepare meals anymore. They order food delivery (like pizza or Chinese) or have their cheese burgers delivered by Door-Dash or UberEats. We are a lazy world full of lazy citizens. But America – with there “Super Size” everything is at the top of the list, sadly. Obesity is both our shame & legacy. And the poor are hit the hardest because in most poor neighborhoods the fast food chain s far outweighs the grocery stores. And with most not having transportation to get to grocery stores, they will d up eating fast food. It’s not 100% society’s fault but it is easily 80-90%. People have to eat & when the selections are vastly limited, you eat what you have.

    10. I agree with keeping Dr Now . I’ve watched him for years – new and replays. I have gotten many insights from show for myself and clients. I heartedly agree about the lying and greed and gluttony by some clients thinking that no one sees what they are doing. Kudos to those who are honestly trying. To me it’s apparent when the ones who think they are getting away with something aren’t. How many viewers are watching the show while the STUPID ones are trying to convince Dr Now of their honesty while filling their faces and lying about their activities?
      Dr Now seems to care about all of them even while knowing who’s telling the truth or not. I would like to see everyone see all of the episodes while they are being taped doing so – so that they can’t wiggle out of the truth – sue the untruthful for expenses of time, taping etc. Thanks for reading this.

    11. As I watched my weight climb, to a high of 187 pounds, I began watching this show and Dr. Nowzardan. I began thinking that that too could be me ( my Mother was morbidly obese ). It made me put the brakes on and put myself on a healthy diet and exercise program. I have had major spinal surgery so my exercise program was done under the direction of my physical therapist, it consisted mostly of stationary bicycle riding and aqua therapy, all of which was low impact and easy on my back. But it wasn’t easy, I would break a sweat walking in the pool! One, if not the best, of the best things I did ( for my diet ) was to cut out soda, sweetened or “diet” it didn’t matter I just cut it out. I also cut out fried foods. I’m not an angel. When I have a migraine I may, very likely, have a Pepsi or a Ginger Ale and I don’t apologize for those occasions as they will settle my stomach and the caffeine helps the headache. It took about nine months to reach my goal. My doctor wanted me to lose 10% of my body weight, which helped lower my blood pressure and high cholesterol. However, my doctor’s weight loss goal and mine were two different things. Mine was to get under 140 pounds, which I did. That was about ten years ago. Since then my weight might fluctuate up or down within a seven pound range…..with holidays it might go up, with the summer and getting into the pool it might go down….but always within that seven pound range. It takes determination, it takes not wanting to have aching legs, shortness of breath, depression etc… None of us need “Little Debbie”, “Hostess”, “Wendy’s” or “Pizza Hut” to live. We need water, at least 64 oz per day, vegetables, proteins, some fruits, limited fats and limited carbohydrates ( basically a good balanced diet ). Dr. Now is honest with these people. He tells them that he cannot do it for them, that they need to contribute to the process, they need to learn how to control themselves, they need to go to psychological counseling. But what do they do? They continue to stuff themselves and then lie about it. They have temper tantrums ( that rival a toddler’s ), actually if one listens to them most of them whine like toddlers. It’s uncanny. I too will cease to watch any version of this show that does not have Dr. Now in it. To those who blame Dr. Now because they haven’t lost weight let me quote Woody Harrelson’s character, in the move “Friends With Benefits”, “ You wanna lose weight, stop eating fatty,”.

      1. These people want a quick fix! No it doesn’t happen that way, you have to do the work, hard work pays off, alot off, dont make excuses. And the people that enable them, SHAME ON YOU! SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.bring them the food that’s going to help them lose weight. Dr Now gives them all the info, tells them to call him if they need anything, what more do u want, besides the quick fix? Stop being lazy, stop eating junk & work it off People!!

      2. His diet isn’t balanced. Why doesn’t he have a dietitian meet with patients instead of giving them a book and sending them off? Most probably don’t know a carb from a carrot.

      3. I drink 10 beers a night,Pepsi during the night,meat eater, sometimes takeaways but guess what Americans only put on weight cos of menopause, get a life Americans so love drama especially if it’s a lie

    12. I hope their not sueing dr now. He does everything that he can not right to go after him
      ..some probably die for not following the 1200 diet

    13. I know exactly who is sueing Dr. Now she is the biggest sister from 1000 pounds life that will not follow all rules she is more concerned about having a boyfriend than helping herself loose weight she blames everyone for her mistakes Dr. Now is a wonderful doctor he has proven he is a life saver of many people if they cancel the show who are they people going to turn too for help grant it there are other doctors but everyone trusts Dr. Now TAMMY YOU SHOULD BE ASHAME OF YOURSELF

    14. I agree with you 100%.

      So many of them blame others for their lack of self-control.

      Of course, Dr. Now would be at the top of their hit parades to try and make him responsible for their own failures.

    15. You are spot on,.I’ve seen them over and over again,.you couldn’t find a nicer, understanding Doctor then Dr.Now either..I wish he was my Doc..He gets very supportive when the patient actually listens and makes attempts at least to try..

  2. Dr. Now is the best and has the best bedside manners when dealing with such tedious cases due to lifestyle choices. I only watch because of him. This show will lose something if they lose Dr. NOW.

    1. People need a stern person to take charge because we can all see they are not getting the help that they need at home nor are they willing to help themselves in 90% of the cases…If TLC is letting this happen to Dr Now then shame on them…

    2. I watched it all the time. You can imagine what he goes through to try and help them week after week. Sometimes the families are to blame when they take them out of a Special Clinic.
      I wouldn’t have any idea what to tell these people to help them.
      They would have to go to a Special Hospital and not leave or have contact with anyone.
      And so their health can be watched.
      If Dr Now was not a good Doctor he wouldn’t show the Operations.
      Sorry if they fired him.
      I am sure the Show must have been making money too.

  3. This is total bs. Dr. Now gives them all the tools including the surgery and the option to seek therapy for the emotional side of the food addiction.
    It is the individuals fault they don’t lose the weight; he’s not the one feeding them what they’re not allowed to eat on the program.
    These people are looking for quick easy money.
    I call BS.

    1. I would bet that those that were so “wronged” by Dr Now are not willing to the work that is required.

      Maybe TLC could get Dr Proctor to do a regular show other than working with other TLC cast members.

  4. It is not his fault tat they dont want to follow through with the diet so they can get surgery done Dr.Now cant give them surgery if they don’t follow through with the diet he shouldn’t be fired for doing his job it isnt his fault tat the insurance isnt paying for it its probably cuz they aren’t keeping the weight off after they get surgery done and want to blame it on him and i agree with Regina and Elaine

    1. I agree with you. Many people think that because his stomach was reduced, they can continue eating like pigs.
      A friend of a friend of mine, had the surgery two years ago. About three months later, she was eating her habitual junk diet. Now, she is equal or more overweight than before the surgery. And that’s what happen when they don’t follow the diet and the doctor’s instructions.

  5. Dr. Now has done an amazing job of
    helping those with morbid obesity. Shame on those suing him.
    God bless him!!

    1. I pray they don’t cancel his show. I love watching Dr Now… Just money greed these sorry people are trying to get out of Dr now!!

      1. This is one of the best shows and because of Dr Now I lost 40 lbs by just following his diet. Did not need surgery. The other doctor, Dr Proctor, don’t care as much as Dr Now, the 1000lb sisters went nowhere, hopefully they are still alive.

        1. Oh but they HAVE gone somewhere……….Straight into season 3 of following them around on their silly adventures…still as ignorant and uneducated….still 1000 (each? it looks like). That show isn’t about weight loss. It’s about watching the funny fat people. An updated Fatty Booboo show.

      2. I agree but they keep raising prices on everything and expect people to pay higher prices. It is all wrong what Biden is doing anyways.

        1. This has ZERO to do with OUR President. You are the problem when you are so ignorant! And YES, Biden is rightfully our president.
          Go cry in your beer.

        2. Why do you bring politics into this?It has nothing to do with them following the Drs. instructions. Jeez!!!!

        3. How exactly does President Biden have anything to do with this situation? Just an FYI, this show has been on for years even during the Trump fiasco.
          I agree with the individuals that are supporting Dr. Now. When I watch the show it truly amazes and disgusts me watching some of these folks whine, lie and b.s. during the whole process. I feel for Dr. Now. Can you imagine the emotional strees he goes through dealing with these people on a daily basis.

        4. What are you talking about?

          What does this have to do with Dr. Now?

          We are not interested in your politics.

    2. Wow really??!! You attack the writer?? For what reason? To make YOURSELF feel better??? Really childish and rude!! SHAME ON YOU!!!

    1. What does the appearance of the journalist have to do with the question of whom is right or wrong?Are you critiquing the journalist because of your issues with yourself?You are obviously a rude overbearing narcissistic person.Remember if you can’t say anything nice,shut the fuck up.

    2. How rude!! She broke the story here and gave us the platform to complain about the patients who just want to get rich quick so they can eat even more and die faster!

  6. This breaks my heart. Dr. Now is an amazing doctor. The fact that he even takes on patients that big is rare. I agree with the above comments. People looking to make some money because they got there feeling hurt. The obesity in this country makes me sick! People are fatter and laxer than ever. Plus you can get disability for doing this to your self! I have many chronic illnesses and had to fight for three years to get my disability ,I was even a former employee of a state mental hospital. People need to stop with the excuses and put in the effort. Dr. Now can’t make people do the right thing. Looks like they are just trying to find some kind of quick fix.

    1. I think that all the way overweight people should now help themselves and go to a Counselor or Psychiatrist and save their own lives.

  7. Anyone suing Dr. Now are people who want to blame others for their out-of-control lives. Sickening!!!

  8. I like the show and I don’t know why these damn folks don’t have insurance. How is he s liability. He is doing the surgery nothing else.

    1. They don’t have the money for insurance because they spend all their money on food, now they blame that on Dr Now…If your reading any of this Dr Now I hope you know that we love you and these lawsuits are atrocious…

  9. I believe people can’t handle the truth sadly Dr Now has given chance after chance ,I won’t be watching the show if he’s fired .He has truly helped so many people, everyone’s looking for a quick buck….TLC don’t take this show away keep Dr Now!!!

    1. He’s an amazing Dr I’ve even considered getting his help but don’t think I’m big enough he’d turn me away as I’m only 86kg them that weigh 6 7 8 up to a 1000lb that’s there fault the only exercise they do is hand to mouth each and every day shame on them it’s not Dr nows fault I stand by him 100 percent god bless u Dr 🥰🥰🥰

  10. What a shame for all the patients that are actually ready to make lifestyle changes want to lose the weight. Dr. Now only wanted to help these super obese patients that other doctors turned away because they were too big and didn’t want to on the risk of treating them. They’d be successful if they followed his plan

    1. Love the show with Dr.Now,he does his job but the people don’t listen to him.They think they can eat whatever and loose the weight to get approved for surgery.

  11. I love watching My 600 Pound Life
    WITH Dr.NOW !! TLC Y’all Shouldn’t
    Mess with the Best Show on your Network NO OTHER WEIGHT LOSS
    Dr. NOW!

  12. Idk what they could possibly be suing for..but they are just going to ruin everything for people who want to take the program seriously. I’ve saw the show more then enough to see the patients try blaming the doctor for it not working, one was offended because he kept focusing on the “numbers”…how much weight they need to lose etc…how the heck else are they supposed to do it?..and thing is she just wanted the surgery without doing the hard work. They do that for a reason, they want to make sure you are serious about losing weight before putting you in surgery cause more then likely the patients aren’t paying a cent and surgery is useless if they keep eating the way they do. Your stomach can expand again after surgery if you keep eating like a pig and unhealthy. They all seem extremely entitled too…you put yourself in the situation you aren’t entitled to anything in life. I was a addict for years and never did I act entitled or blamed anyone but myself for my actions. obviously certain things in your life that you go threw that could be traumatic or some type abuse doesn’t help but ultimately you do it to yourself..and idc what anyone says drug addiction is way more extreme in being able to control then stuffing your face. Drugs/alcohol chemically alter your mind and how it works for the rest of your life even once you quit and not just mentally but physically destroys you. A addicts mind after years of drug abuse never goes back to normal even once you quit. It’s a forever struggle and you’ll never be the same as you once were before addiction. That’s why it’s so serious. It’s way more then wanting to use drugs it need it just to get threw the day without feeling like your dying inside mentally and physically. So I feel sorry for none of these people. I can imagine how hard it is to lose the weight and to control your eating afterwards but at least your minds not permanently damaged.

  13. Renee says: I agree with you Elaine. Dr. Now has given them so many chances. They cheat on they’re calories per day, blame their past, growing up, the bad childhood they’ve had etc except themselves and their gluttony. There would be a lot of over
    600lb people if that’s all the reasons but I’m sure someone can find more reasons. They’ve even blamed the scale. Don’t let Dr. Now go, He did’t stuff their mouths. I’ve
    watched Dr. Now for a long time. He goes, I’m not watching any more.

  14. Dr now and the other doctors trying to help big size people are real heroes, the people think if they go to dr now he will immediately do the opperation and its a quick fix. That they dont have to do a thing and they dont want to put a effort in. How many gained their weight back who didnt stick to the diet. And how do one become that big and blame other people…

    1. I can’t believe that TLC would cancel the best show on their network. Dr Now is one of the most caring and thoughtful people. He really cares about these morbidly obese people and their health more than any other doctor. If you fire him you network should hang their heads in shame!!!

  15. The ones that don’t succeed have been shown going off the diet, eating garbage, then they go to Dr Now and lie about it. “I stuck to the diet, the scales are wrong”. They blame him and get mad because they can’t get surgery. They think it’s a quick fix, and he’s Elizabeth Montgomery. They also don’t like hearing the truth and he says it like it is!

  16. It’s a shame these people are at death’s door and they’re trying to sue and make money off a “celebrity”.

  17. I agree with all the comments. These people just want a quick fix, shame on the network for not having these people sign contracts where they can’t sue. They are reaching out to Dr. Now and it’s no guarantee that it will help , if you don’t do the work. If they change doctors I wouldn’t watch anymore !!!!

  18. Hi Don’t cancel the show. I like watching my 600 pound life. Dr.Now is a great doctor and his patients are not taking their lives seriously!

  19. I would first of all like to thank the almighty for putting Dr. Now in place to assist so many morbidly obese individuals in saving their lives. He has been a God send to so many. Many have benefitted from his medical expertise. I praise him for all that he has done and hope that he will be allowed to continue. Please do not cancel his show. I am a fan. He goes, I go.

  20. From what I have seen On My 600 lb Life, Dr. Now seems to care more for the people he treats and/or has treated more than THEY care about themselves. He deserves so much better than this, TLC. I will not watch this show anymore if you replace him, period.

  21. I believe those who are suing are just lazy people, they eat eat eat all day long, it’s everyone’s fault but their own. Watching them lie to Dr. Now continually. These people are not serious about weight loss at all, most of them live like pigs and their homes are disgusting. If they want to lose weight, get moving instead of continuing to eat whatever you want and think the pounds will magically dissolve.

  22. Dr Now is literally taking the patients NO one else would
    They usually still end up needing to be dragged through the process and he gives them every opportunity and resource.
    How anyone is suing him is obscene.

  23. Once he’s gone due to this. Other Drs won’t want the risk. Then these giants will have nowhere to turn.
    If you or someone you know is becoming 400..500 pounds.
    His book is available and you should get it.
    Stop the cycle..you may not have a surgical option in the future.

  24. Since the price of groceries has gone up, it makes sense that they are looking for some kind of quick buck so they can keep loading their grocery carts.

  25. I stand by Dr now 100 percent think we should bk him up and start a petition to stay on tlc and quest Red 🥰🥰🥰

    1. I am overweight & watching Dr. Now has helped me and these morbidly obese patients face their obsession with food & eating habits has helped me lose weight & keep it off! I am changing my eating habits and identifying triggers thanks to Dr. Now and these people. I hate that some of them are suing him and not taking advantage of this opportunity to save their life.. i sure am! Thanks Dr. Now, I appreciate you!

    2. I would sign that petition too, to keep him on the network because I love the show. Just sometimes I think people too lazy to listen to him at times.

    3. U just can’t help some ppl they’re soaking in misery and greedy for money stuffing their face to continue to eat their life away

  26. I don’t understand why it’s even a thing Obesity also causes mental health affects and why don’t they commit the patient loosing the weight isn’t the only problem it’s in the mind frame of the person their still sick even after loosing weight your mental health is a grave concern especially with sexuality. Changing your habits is hard and I’m 325 yo yo dieting starving depression weight and change takes time and it’s a battle but your mental is probably bipolar… Ig it’s not simple to say the patient couldn’t hold up their end of the deal idk 😶

  27. I think that patient is wrong. It’s their responsibility to check on their insurance. Dr Now really is only responsible for their care. Worked in a medical field for years. The insurance contract is between the insured and the insurance company. Not the doctor. Doctors file insurance as a courtesy.

    1. I love watching the show. I agree with the above comments. I like how Dr. Now knows when they are lying about what they have eaten and exercise. Take him off I’m off that station, complaining patients find another way to earn money.

  28. HOW the hell can Dr Now be blamed for the disgusting habits of these patients, who have only themselves to blame for not doing something about their weight at a much earlier stage, & still don’t want to even try to control themselves, now wallowing in self pity. NO sympathy from the public, stop gutsing and stop crying, and stop excuses, take Dr Nows advice, its NOT his fault if you don’t.!!!

  29. Totally agree! These pigs stuff their faces daily, yet don’t even work for the money to pay for what they eat! Being fat is considered disabled? That’s part of what’s wrong with this country! These people are so fortunate to have Dr. Now’s help! Yet they don’t appreciate it! They have the audacity to sue him! Unbelievable

  30. I so love this show so sad to read this
    Come on now please I love Dr Now i feel sorry for him when the patients are so rude to him
    I can never think if I’m so Fat how can I be so utterly rude to some putting him self out foe me no something is definitely wrong somewhere no dont let Dr Now go nowhere Please thx he even go to there houses wIt out side the hospital for this huge pantecnicon with my fat body in there shame and still ask are you ohk and tend to what ever is complained about come on give someone a break Dr Now i wish you well God bless you more Amen and you’re good deeds to mankind love you won’t be watching if his not there

  31. I think that the patients battle to take responsibility for their own actions or even fail to see that they are the contributing factor to their weight gain.
    The majority of them want a quick fix and are not prepared to put in the hard work and it’s always someone else’s fault, never their own.
    Watched so many of the shows
    I think they have way too much time on their hands and that’s why they think everyone else is to blame. Idle hands lead to idle minds.
    Also the majority are just living for the next meal.
    They don’t care about anything or anyone else that’s why so many of them don’t even have the support of their family.
    Now they want to sue the one person who is willing to help even if it means tough love.
    They should come and live in Africa and then they would know what problems are and how tough live can really be.
    I don’t think they’d last a day.
    Majority come accross as spoilt brats even though they are all grown up.

  32. I so love this show so sad to read this
    Come on now please I love Dr Now i feel sorry for him when the patients are so rude to him
    I can never think if I’m so Fat how can I be so utterly rude to some putting him self out foe me no something is definitely wrong somewhere no dont let Dr Now go nowhere Please thx he even go to there houses wIt out side the hospital for this huge pantecnicon with my fat body in there shame and still ask are you ohk and tend to what ever is complained about come on give someone a break Dr Now i wish you well God bless you more Amen and you’re good deeds to mankind love you won’t be watching if his not there im from South Africa

  33. I have had a gastric bypass its hard to try and keep weight off but dr now gives follow up advise where as I never had that I have had to do it on my own pay myself for all my excess skin to be removed so dr now is definitely good at what he is doing some people have this operation and think its a quick fix but its not hard work for the rest off ur life good luck to dr now please don’t pay those lazy people nothing

  34. There IS no My 600lb life without Dr. Now! It will NEVER be better and quite frankly I wouldn’t watch some mild mannered ‘sugar coating’ Dr.!

  35. I love the show I love Dr now I hope they don’t cancel the show. And I agree with all the other comments from the other people they need to get off there fat butt and do as Dr now tell them but no they are too greedy and the people that’s working with them have a nerve to say if I don’t give it to them they will get mad with me .what can they do with that fat ass but be mad

  36. I really like Dr. Now’s program. I pray that the show will continue. Dr. Now gives them the tools to continue their journey but it’s up to the patients to keep moving forward. 👍🏻

  37. I do believe the patients are the cause of their own failure, it is not right to sue doctor now. I think they should sue TLC.

  38. Dr. Now is a fantastic doctor. Because of issues in regards to insurance and law suits, should have no bearing on his being fired. Make it make sense. How can you justify possibly putting someone else in his place? If this show is canceled with Dr. Now being fired I will no longer be watching TLC period.

  39. Let’s just blame the “patients” is the go to for every person watching this god awful show. Yet none of these commenters have a clue as to how it really goes down. Praising a doctor that is apart of exploiting fat people and their families is pretty gross. It’s shameful and so rude how people are being to any person choosing to find their voice and sue this show. I know first hand what possibly any one of them felt, but however I can only share my experience. My family and I’ve remained quiet these past two years since my sisters episode aired. It makes me so sick to my stomach how I thought genuinely that my sister would get the help she needed, but instead was made to look like the worst person to ever exist. I could spill the entire truth right here, but I’ve come to realize that it doesn’t matter what I say, y’all will believe a reality tv show over the people who they were about any day.

    1. And I’ll just bet your sister will cut you off completely if you weren’t an enabler. She probably wouldn’t even relate to you if you were a size 6 and could rock a 👙. Obese individuals are like alcoholics and drug addicts; they need individuals to empathize with them so that they can continue their behaviors. Sadly, your sister will not make it to 50 if her out of control gluttony continues.

    2. And I suppose your sister did EVERY SINGLE THING that was requested of her. If she did, she wouldn’t still be an issue. IM SURE that you helped her. Got her up and walking, slapped the fork out of her mouth, helped her exercise, told her to quit eating….somehow, I don’t think you did. I get sticking up for blood, but when they don’t follow what’s requested, then, I mean, really…Who’s to blame here? It’s NOT Dr. Now!!! Trust me on this.

  40. You know what you’re signing up for when you sign up for the show. No need to complain and whine about him being mean. He’s not in the business of sugarcoating life or death situations. It’s not his fault they need his services. Don’t cry about needing and wanting to lose weight, but then you leave the office and ride your hoveround thru a fast food restaurant ordering a meal for 6 just for YOU. They lie and do everything they’re not suppose to do. Then when they speak with Dr. Now, they don’t understand why they’re not losing weight. One girl tried to argue him down and sat it water weight. These doctors know when you’re not doing right. The proof is in the scale! I think the best way to do the show is by making them sign a contract that states if they don’t comply with the doctor’s orders, their episode will not air and no money will be paid unless the program is completed (completion of surgery). DONT CANCEL DR NOW! I would like to see Dr. Now and Dr. Proctor work together some times.

  41. I sure hope they cancel this show forever. Nobody needs to watch a show where absolute overeating behavior is shown to have a magic cure of expensive weight loss surgery that can be just as harmful to patients as their overeating lifestyle. Let’s have more shows that help people to get the help they need mentally and physically prior to getting to these dangerous weights. Prevention is always the answer prior to these dangerous preventable surgical procedures.

  42. I wish I could gather the ones suing and scold some sense into their heads.

    Ye think suing him will make y’all lose the weight?

    Pray to be alive to enjoy the proceeds of the lawsuit, that is, if ye win.

  43. To BarbieYoYodiet:

    It is the patients fault effort is not made. And remember Dr Now offers therapy also to his patients and yet they still find a reason not to do it. All resources given and still they choose to over eat and shorten their health and life.

  44. Miserable people commenting not all overweight people lazy sometimes medical physical psychology problems

  45. Please don’t cancel Dr Now!! He’s doing his job perfectly!! The clients expect a miracle pill.. and there just isn’t one.. follow the diet and be patient, the fat will come off!!😌

  46. So why wasn’t any of this checked with the network or the doctor’s office? It’s really irresponsible to just dump a bunch of rumors from a single anonymous source and never even bother to simply reach out to the objects of those rumors and ask for a confirmation or denial.

    1. THATS EXACTLY what I came to say!!! Some “anonymous” person, is claiming all of this? If you’re going to make these accusations SHOW YOUR FACE!! Tell us who you are….as soon as I read anonymous, I knew right then I wasn’t going to believe this story!

  47. Dr NOW is a very professional doctor, he gets on them knowing that they r not following their calorie count. Dr NOW did not work with Amy from TLC before her son Gage, n also her brother Kriss ,they did a magnificent job on their journey. U must make it happen ,n make changes it is all up to u .Dr NOW does the best that he can do for anyone. Please STOP BLAMIMG HIM FOR YOUR MISTAKES THAT U ARE NOT BEING ACCOUNTABLE FOR PERIOD

  48. Dr Now gives them the tools to work with and he tells them if they need anything to call him. So I believe they think the weight is just going to fall off with no work. Laziness and eating the way they did before surgery is the patients fault , Im for Dr Now and all he does to help people regardless of weather they do what he tells them . GO DR NOW

  49. This is so disturbing! Anyone who has watched every episode of this show knows that when anything goes wrong or they aren’t losing weight it’s Dr. Now’s fault. Best excuses….
    ” I just have so much going on right now
    that I don’t have time to diet” (As you sit in your bed and so nothing)

    ” The scale in his office has to be wrong” (Said by at least 3 people every season)

    “I don’t need psychotherapy I eat for Any emotion and any reason how is therapy gonna help you with that” 🙄


    “This surgery was supposed to help me lose weight and it’s not doing anything, It’s supposed to be doing a hard work not me”.

    These people aren’t going to get it done but it costs money to go to court and get that done in the 1st place. They say don’t they don’t want to be looked at like fat lazy monsters but that’s exactly what they’re being right now monsters because they don’t want to take responsibility for their own inability to follow simple instructions full instructions and if you can’t do it then take responsibility for it don’t put it on somebody else yes. You know who else does that drug addicts and food addicts are no better than drug addicts. FYI if anybody doesn’t like my comment I am a recovering drug addict and I’m a drug counselor. All addicts makes excuses For there behavior. These people got money to move to Houston they got free surgery now all they see are dollar bill signs that’s all that’s in their eyes, more money to eat And instead of shoving the drug in their arm they’re shoving it in their mouth.

    At least on that show “Intervention”, with drug addicts the ones that went back and relapsed didn’t blame the counselors and the rehab.

    What they don’t realize is this will be a matter of public record people will find out who sued, and the main outlet these people have, the Internet, will be where their haters and people who will send them death threats will be.

    What’s crazy is we’re all surprised by this and now that I’m thinking about it’s not that crazy. We watch mothers of several small and teen kids have them bathe them in their beds this is the definition of selfishness by turning your own children into nurses and having to watch their mother’s cooches and a*******. I wonder how many birthday presents didn’t get bought how many Christmas presents didn’t get bought how many school events these kids didn’t go to because money was being spent on food instead of their children and now they want more.

    I wasn’t disgusted by their addiction because I suffered from my own but now I am 100% disgusted by these actions made by the most selfish selfish and self-degrading people on the planet.

  50. Dr. Now is a great and dedicated doctor who really cares. It’s truly a hard balance of tough love and he does it well. His patients have an illness like any other addiction and it’s not so simple as stop eating. He’s an OG and it’s encouraging that he’s inspired others to go into this field. I hope TLC works things out with him, though there are other Doctors it won’t be the same.

    1. Totally agree with all of your very candid, straight-to- the-point, tell- it-like it is comments!
      I wholeheartedly share your sentiments.

  51. Your 100% right I really love this doctor he really tries hard to help these people. He gives them lots of support. He’s a great man

  52. I Love Dr. Now, TLC, please don’t get rid of him. I am sure you can figure out a plan to work with him. He is Awesome!!!

  53. “ANONYMOUS” Pretty much says it all. I don’t believe, anything in this article. If this was true, why not tell us who you are? How is it YOU specifically got this information? You must be “the chosen one”.
    I’ve been watching this show since season one. The amount of people that did what was requested of them, lost the weight, got into therapy, had the operation and did very well, never seem to have a problem with Dr. Now..weird.
    Yet the ones not taking responsibility for their LACK OF WEIGHT LOSS, or lack of exercising, or reaching out for therapy are the ones complaining and/or suing. Also, the anonymous person that is making these claims, says she’s “lost the weight” and now she’s “stuck in limbo”, I’d lay 10 to 1 odds, she’s not “stuck” anywhere. She probably did lose some, but not enough, blamed Dr. Now, and he refused to operate on her, because SHE DIDNT FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS! That’s, more than likely why she’s so called, “stuck in limbo”. So, let’s go to the “tabloid” and make up a story to get back at Dr. Now for HER not following what was laid in front of her.
    If there is no Dr. Now….there is NO SHOW!
    And Miss ANONYMOUS should be ashamed of HERSELF for this bullshit, hopefully get herself some money, slandering article.

  54. The one common denominator you see in every patient is they blame others for their condition. Whether it be a traumatic childhood or the people that currently surround them, they rarely ever take responsibility for the condition they are in. This is not just how the show protests people like this, it’s simply how most humans in these situations are wired. Now they help has been provided and they failed, they look to blame further. Saying they haven’t gotten the weight loss surgery yet is not a reason to sue and there is not a gaurantee that you will get it. You can continue on your weight loss path without surgery. The doctor first and foremost tries to teach good and healthy eating habits, something none of these people ever experienced. Had they paid attention and just continued, they’d hit their targets even without surgery. It just speeds things along. I recently lost 80 lbs and it was a struggle and continues to be to maintain my weight. My appetite is as big as it ever was so I have to work to eat healthier foods that will fill me up. It’s all about change in habits. I feel bad that the doctor gets stuck in this, whether the producers promised something or it’s just lazy people trying to blame anyone for their failures, all I see is someone trying to help.

  55. Both my sister & my brother in law had the surgery in the last 15 years. Sis was disabled from an accident, & bro in law had some bad eating rituals.Both working thru it all & supporting them selves, homeowners, kids. They told us they wanted to have the surgery.The whole family asked what we could do to help.

    We learned as we went. Food changes were commonsense. Exercise was a matter of adjusting to what they could do & that was walking. They had everyone’s support but it wasn’t easy.

    Their doctor wanted a month of liquid diet by prescription. The kids helped mom & dad by clearing the junk out and doing the diet alongside them on weekends. Proud of those kids! The doctor insisted on a 6 weeks of nutritional classes and 8 weeks of counseling for the nuclear family. Kids were young but not too young to learn.The doc had a goal and if they didn’t match, they didn’t get surgery. They could reapply six months later.

    They hit the goals. Had the surgery. Were understanding of why they ate what they ate. Stuck to the 8 weeks of liquids and purée’s. Did low impact workouts.They were both somewhere around 275 before & today she wears a size 8, and he’s in 34 inch waist on pants.

    What I see with this show is a lot of people who are really messed up from violence or negligence or abuse. Some can react to the counseling with healing & some aren’t ready.Some are ready for all the changes & some are not.

    I think the show has come to exploit parts through the years. Why do all the patients have to endure a shower on camera? Why when they didn’t hit their goals and it is dangerous for them to travel do they have to go to Houston when the show does some local doctor visits via computer? Why doesn’t anyone insist they have counseling near their homes? Why don’t they show the bypass community in Houston and have them assist in patients getting settled? Why don’t they emphasize nutrition with some local people near these patients’ home bases?

    Some are completely unwilling to take the steps. The Assanti brothers father was always going to sabotage them subtly. Lisa over feeding James from Kentucky?

    And some of them are unable to comply. You couldn’t fix Sean’s mothers desperate need to make him totally dependent on her. You couldn’t fix L.B.’s feelings of insecurity as the adopted child. You can’t fix the addictions to pills that some patients have. It’s gotta be up to them, and sometimes CPTSD wins.

    All of that makes for good TV. I bet the trainwreck shows have much higher rewatch numbers. They get the most buzz. I like the show and it is something my sis, broinlaw, and our kids try to watch together. But some times I walk away so angry at TLC.

    Do you remember the show where the mom had the infection and didn’t seem to know the basics of treating it? Jeanne and her mom was Barbara. That was a tragic episode and the conditions of the house were awful. When the mom went into the bed the dad had been found in it was crushing. IMHO TLC should have not filmed them learning about the father/husband’s death.



  58. My All Time Favorite is the story about Ms. Milla. She was so “Dedicated”!! Followed the plan, lost her spouse. Was able to raise her children and began to LIVE HER BEST LIFE😃👍🏽🛐🙏✝️
    Dating, Driving and Working!! I wished her Spouse Had Lived to See Her Compliant with Weight Loss Process, Transformed and + Outlook On Life , which she is “LIVING”!! Her children are very Proud and Estatic about Having their “MOTHER” Back “Active” and Enjoying Her Family and new Found Life!!!🎉🎊

    S. S. 04/16/2022

  59. Dr Now doesn’t deserve to be fired. The show will have to be cancelled if he’s not on it! Nobody will watch it anymore. These people who lie to him are the ones to be fired. TLC better think again before they do this. The audience is loyal and TLC better realize Dr.Now is making them lots of money.

  60. I agree with the majority, I love dr now! Most of our family conversations at dinner include him lol. Needless to say we are all losing weight because we remind each other “what would dr now say if you asked for a second serving” lol! Works for us. I won’t watch the show with out him, so “you need anyting, give me call.” 🥰

  61. I personally think it’s ridiculous that they don’t have to sign some kind of a waiver so that this could not possibly happen. Doctor Now is trying to help them. They’re being ridiculous if they can’t handle the pressure. The show was very informative and Dr Now spoke the truth. I certainly hope that it is not being canceled due to the ignorance of the patients.

  62. Dr. Nowzaradan: I told you that you needed to lose 50 pounds in two months. That was three months ago and instead you’ve gained another 30.

    Patient: I know and I tried but I was under a lot of stress. I got kicked out of my apartment and my husband / wife left me.

    Dr. Nowzaradan: That’s no excuse. None of that has anything to do with you following the diet and losing the weight.

    Paraphrased, but pretty much what we see all the time. I like the fact that Dr Now doesn’t sugar coat anything. He’s blunt, straight forward and brutally honest. People need to hear that once in awhile instead of giving them a hub and telling them it will all be better simply because they WANT to lose weight.

    These people have been programed as chronic victims. When they get upset about the littlest thing they run away to hide, cry, eat, and feel sorry for themselves. Everything in their lives is everyone else’s fault. Poor me. Yes, there are things that happen in all our lives that can be very traumatic. That’s when you have to fight it, push forward, and definitely get whatever mental and emotional assistance you may need to get through. Chronic victims want everyone else to do everything for them so when their life sucks and things go wrong they can blame everyone but themselves.

    This surgery isn’t really even necessary in most cases. people can lose the weight on their own if they’re determined enough. The people who are serious about making changes lose weight with diet and exercise alone for usually 2 months before the surgery. The operation isn’t a magic fix all. the ones who put in the work before and after the surgery lose the wight at the same consistent rate throughout the whole process.

    I can easily see the shows producers trying to build up some drama. I think that’s part of the formula. The resistance, the fighting….that all makes good tv. who wants to just watch someone lose weight without the drama? People will tune out. On the other hand you’re still gonna have freeloaders who are looking to cash in at every turn. The whole system, who we all are as a society and individuals is messed up. There really shouldn’t even be a reason for this show to be on the air.

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