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Sister Wives star Christine Brown is insanely happy to be a grandmother. She has one biological granddaughter of her own and two others from her sister wife’s daughter, Maddie. And there’s some more exciting news to share. Christine’s daughter Mykelti is expecting twins, while Maddie is expecting a third child of her own. There will be more new grandbabies for Christine to love and dote on.

But until the twins arrive, Christine is content to show off photos of her granddaughter, Avalon. Keep reading to see the sweet photos the TLC personality recently shared.

Christine Brown soaks up extra time with her granddaughter

Now that Christine Brown has left her husband Kody, she has much more time to focus on herself and her family. After the divorce, she and her daughter Truely went back to Utah to be closer to some of her other children. According to Christine’s Instagram page, the family has a lot of fun on outings together. The divorce was probably a little messy, but the Sister Wives star appears to be much happier with her life these days.

Christine Brown from Instagram
Christine Brown/Instagram

And now that she is no longer a sister-wife, Christine also has a lot more time to spend with her granddaughter.

Christine has chosen the name “Oma” for her grandkids to call her, which is the German term for “grandmother.”

“OMA TIME IS THE BEST!!!” the Sister Wives star captioned her photo collection. In the pictures, little Avalon is hugging her Oma so tightly that her glasses are crooked on her face.

Christine Brown from Instagram
Christine Brown/Instagram

Nothing like being a OMA. Preciousness ❤️🔥😍” one of Christine’s followers wrote on the photo.

“Avalon just loves her Oma – the way she’s looking at you is beautiful 💕” someone else added.

Christine has been sharing a lot of Plexus content lately, but fans are really here for the grandbaby photos instead. After years of unhappiness with Kody, Sister Wives fans are just happy that Christine is in her element now.

The Brown family expands in Season 17

When Sister Wives Season 16 left off, fans still hadn’t met little Avalon onscreen yet. Now, her mother Mykelti is pregnant with twins and has confirmed she is filming new episodes of Season 17. It appears that viewers will definitely get to meet Avalon this season — and possibly the twins too. Mykelti is due this December and it’s not known when filming officially stopped or will stop.

But either way, fans are really interested to see what the aftermath of Christine and Kody’s divorce looks like.

Follow TV Shows Ace online to keep up with Christine Brown and the rest of the Sister Wives cast. With new babies on the way, there will definitely be more exciting news to share. Stay tuned for more!

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