Pregnant With Twins Mykelti Padron Filming ‘Sister Wives’ Season 17?

Mykelti Padron from TLC

Sister Wives star Mykelti Padron is exciting to be filming the new season. It doesn’t even matter that she’s pregnant with twins and it’s in the middle of summer.

The 26-year-old reality TV star recently updated her Instagram page to let everyone know that she and her family were headed to Flagstaff, Arizona to film with the rest of the family. Keep reading to see what she had to say.

Mykelti Padron packs up the car and heads to Arizona

The hustle never stops for the Sister Wives stars. Today, Mykelti Padron is a wife and mother. And she and her husband are expecting twins this December. But that isn’t going to stop the 26-year-old from making an appearance on her parents’ television show.

Mykelti Padron/Instagram

A Redditor shared a screenshot from Mykelti’s business page revealing she recently made the journey to Flagstaff. The Padrons live in Utah, so this was definitely quite a journey.

“It’s a TRAVELING day for us,” Mykelti captioned the photo. “We are filming in FLAGSTAFF this weekend. Should be fun. I’ll still be accessible, but no lives for a bit. I’ll do outfits and such though. Not as fun, but they were fun to make. ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND.”


She didn’t say whether or not Tony and Avalon joined her, but it’s likely they did. The photo appears to be taken from the passenger’s side of the car, which means Tony was probably driving.

That’s just fine with viewers because they would love to see little Avalon in new episodes.

“Oh boy! Maybe we’ll get to see this footage in 2025 when the twins she’s expecting are toddlers,” one Redditor snarkily added. Many Sister Wives viewers are annoyed by the gap between filming and air dates.

How will the family manage with three little ones?

Tony and Mykelti know that they’re going to have a difficult time raising three small children. Their daughter Avalon only just recently celebrated her first birthday. She won’t even be two years old by the time the twins arrive. But even so, Mykelti knows that Avalon will help with her younger siblings once she gets older.

“I WIN!! She’s amazing and so much fun to raise. I’m having the time of my life being a mom,” the TLC personality captioned the photo of her young daughter. “It’s gotten harder while pregnant, I can’t do as much as she wants me to anymore. And once the twins come I know it will be even more difficult. But I’m still so honored and please to raise her and her two siblings when they arrive.”

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