‘ILAMB’: Kelly Hard On Matt’s Girlfriends For THIS Reason?

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I Love A Mama’s Boy viewers have watched Kelly interfere since Season 1. She has been the sole reason her son, Matt McAdams, has been unable to keep a lady. Now, fans have an idea as to why Kelly may be purposely hard on his girlfriends. It actually goes with a long-believed theory regarding Matt. So, what is it? Read on for more details.

Kelly Knows How To Push Buttons

It is no secret that Kelly cherishes special time with her son, Matt. They have their designated days to do mother/son activities. One thing they love to do is go for spa days. Once a month, they would go for pedicures but Kelly was not a fan of Matt’s ex-fiancee Kimberly Cobb joining in. She felt these were precious moments just for her and Matt. Even when Kim and Matt were planning their wedding, Kelly would come by with smoothies and face masks.


After the breakup, the duo indulged in bonfires, massages, junk food evenings, and whatever eased the pain. Then, Matt revealed he had a new girlfriend, which was enough to make Kelly keel over. He brought Brittany by for a meet and greet but Kelly interrogated her like she was on trial. She asked her about children and prenups, even Matt felt uncomfortable. Kelly was there the morning after the new couple had their first sleepover. Plus she showed up at Brittany’s job unannounced. Yet is there a method to Kelly’s madness that is actually valid?

Method To The Madness?

Though it seems like Kelly is this overbearing mother, fans have a theory as to why she is harsh to Matt’s ladies. It has long been questioned by viewers if he really is straight. A Reddit thread was started and one Redditor had this to say: “Hot take – what if his mom KNOWS he’s gay and is so hard on all his girlfriends because she knows he’ll never be happy with a woman???” So, essentially, she is only this harsh to protect Matt? Others chimed in:

Matt and Kelly
  • “I feel like his mom would be so supportive of him with another man because she wouldn’t have any women in “competition” with her for her son.”
  • “Wouldn’t be surprised if the season finale was him bringing a guy home to meet his mom!”
  • “It would be WAY more entertaining if he was openly gay on the show and we got to see Kelly’s interaction with his partner.”
  • “My husband thinks that his mom knows he’s gay, even if he doesn’t, and is trying to protect him. They might be weirdly religious, at least by CA standards, I remember seeing a bunch of crosses in the mom’s house.”

The general consensus is that, if Matt is not straight, that is completely fine. Either way, fans do think his mother may be protecting him. However, they would love to see Kelly interacting with a potential male partner. In fact, a male duo would be amazing to watch in any capacity.

Do you think Kelly is trying to protect her son, is she just mean, or is the show heavily scripted? Let us know in the comments and watch I Love A Mama’s Boy Sundays on TLC.

Amanda Nowitz

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  1. This is probably the most digesting program on TV today. The Mother (I use the term loosely) Son combinations tread so near the edge of incest it is appalling. The newest couple, of Esther and her son, she grinding all over him and his slapping her butt I found that your putting it on the air to be questionable. Why these women in their so called relationships allow this behavior to go on blows the mind.
    I continue to be surprised by the willingness to whore themselves out for a few minutes on TV.

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