Kody Brown’s One House Idea Back On Table For Season 17?

When Kody Brown moved his family from Las Vegas to Arizona, he had big ideas. He presented a plan for one big house for everyone to live in. That didn’t happen, and since then things have fallen apart for the Sister Wives family.

However, with the family falling into disarray thanks to Christine leaving, Kody could look at the “One House Idea” once again. However, would he be willing to do that, or is he happy with the way things are now?

Could Kody Brown reconsider Sister Wives’ “One House Idea”?

When Kody Brown and his Sister Wives family moved from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, he had an idea for one big house for the entire family to live in. Each side of the house would have its own wing, where each wife would live. In the middle was a large common area where they could gather as a family unit.

Back in Sister Wives Season 14, Kody really emphasized how much he wanted his family to live in the one big house. Only one of his wives was completely against the idea, and that was Christine. In the episode where Kody finally shot down the idea for good, he said, “it was the realization that one home would NEVER be an option for some family members. So many unshared emotions. Then a deluge of past feelings dumped on me.”

However, now that she and Kody are no longer together, and she is not part of the equation, fans are wondering if Kody might pitch the one-house plan again.

Kody Brown one house plans on Sister Wives

The Sister Wives mostly liked the idea of the one house

Christine is gone now, and she was the lone dissenter. Janelle said that she missed living in the same house, saying that living apart meant the family wasn’t as close as they once had been. They had lived apart since going to Flagstaff in 2018.

The house itself would have included a large garage on the bottom floor for the entire family. Janelle and Robyn would have had apartment-style dwellings on one side of the house. Meri and Christine were on the other side. In the middle would be the family living room and the family kitchen.

However, there is one problem right now.

Robyn and Kody just bought a $1 million home in Flagstaff earlier this year. Fans on Reddit pointed out that large house as a reason that neither Kody nor Robyn would want to revisit the idea.

“Robyn and Kody live in a mansion. He doesn’t care about a big house anymore, and why would he? He doesn’t want to live with Meri. He probably doesn’t care to live with Janelle,” one fan asked. “His kids can gather at his and Robyn’s mansion. Why build now?”

Another fan mentioned Kody said last year that he wouldn’t even recommend polygamy anymore, and that might be because of his marriage breakup with Christine. “I doubt Kody wants it anymore. In cameos that he did last year, he basically said he didn’t recommend polygamy. Whether they “officially” split like Christine did or they just keep living their own lives like they have been, the OG marriages are really over.”

Of course, with Sister Wives, anything is possible, and that is what makes the Brown family so intriguing to follow.

Don’t miss the Season 17 premiere of Sister Wives on Sunday, September 11, 2022.

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