‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Roberta Dragging Her Feet With The Merrifields?

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Bert has yet to come to America on Seeking Sister Wife. The Merrifields have built a new home and are all but ready to start their new lives with their sister wife. However, this seems almost impossible. Is she ever coming or just wasting everybody’s time?

The Merrifields Still Have Hope On Seeking Sister Wife

When Season 4 first began, Dannielle and Garrick had a lot going on. They were living in an RV as their new, much larger home was being built. The purpose of the home was to make room for more wives and babies, mainly Roberta. At the time, they had not seen her in over a year. The last time the three of them were all together was in Mexico for a commitment ceremony. Though it wasn’t legally binding, they wanted something to connect the three until Garrick and Bert could get married.

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It seemed that so much time had passed without Bert and Dannielle had some new ideas. She proposed they bring in a third wife to be somewhat of a best friend for Dannielle. This would allow her to be occupied while Bert and Garrick were busy. They found Lea from California but she was not a good fit. As for Bert, her visa was approved but she was taking her time going to get her paperwork. Fans started to believe that she was a scam artist, only there for money, trips, and gifts. Now the biggest question is if Roberta will ever show up in America.

Dragging Her Feet?

In a clip from TLC for this week’s Seeking Sister Wife, the Merrifields are once again on the phone with Roberta. They are video chatting with her. Last week, the couple was preparing their new home for when she would eventually arrive. Dannielle revealed that they had soundproofed her room. It is actually the spare wife room for when they rotate with Garrick and there was added insulation so they would not hear what was going on. As for Bert, she claimed she was going to get her passport and visa the following day.

Seeking Sister Wife/TLC

She does not seem to realize that time is of the essence. If she does not get her documents within a month, it will be a problem. The Merrifields understand Bert’s mother is sick and this is a struggle. However, their lawyer has said she needs to get to America within a certain time period and she is just dragging her feet. They are attempting to use the translator app to explain this to her but it feels like she is just putting it off another day.

Will Roberta ever make it to the new Merrifield home or should they just move on? Watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.



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