‘Seeking Sister Wife’: The Merrifields Go Beyond To Prep For Bert

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Seeking Sister Wife couple the Merrfields have been desperately awaiting the arrival of sister wife Roberta. She committed to them in a Mexican ceremony over a year ago. However, since then, it has just been a waiting game. Now, with them putting the finishing touches on their new home, they have Bert on the brain. Yet, is she still connected to them in the same way?

Seeking Sister Wife Success Put On The Back Burner

It seemed almost too perfect when Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield went on a polygamist dating site and met Roberta. She was from Brazil and immediately clicked with the couple. They had never been in a plural relationship before but Garrick felt a calling from God. He believed that it was his will to have multiple wives though Dannielle struggled with it. Admittedly, they had not had the easiest marriage for some time but she prayed and they went forth.

Seeking Sister Wife/TLC

It was not long after they met Bert in person that he proposed and they moved forward with future plans. The Merrifields got divorced so Bert could get a fiancee visa and they began wedding planning. At the end of Season 3, Bert and Garrick began the babymaking process. When the show returned, they had not seen her in over a year. Her visa had been approved but she was taking her time. She claimed her mother was sick so she had to stay behind.

Seeking Sister Wife/TLC

Yet, so much was going on. The family was building a much bigger home to accommodate more wives and kids. They even attempted to court a new woman named Lea. Unfortunately, that was a miss when Garrick wanted her to be home way too much and she preferred her career. Now, the Merrifields are getting their new home all together with the hopes that Bert will be there. Will she actually show up or is it more wishful thinking?

Building For More?

A clip from TLC showed Dannielle and Garrick prepping their brand new home. They are explaining the big differences and how there is much more insulation in the bedroom. Apparently, Dannielle’s bedroom is above Garrick’s so she won’t be able to hear him with Roberta. The goal is for the women to alternate rooms however they have struggled with communication. Of course, they want Bert to be with them as they go through the move-in process. Unfortunately, they cannot get in touch with her so they decide to try and video chat.

Seeking Sister Wife/TLC

The feeling is that she is disconnected but they won’t give up. She does not pick up their call. Garrick maintains that she is just being pulled in many different directions. Dannielle is just fearful that Bert is not wholeheartedly in this relationship. Only time will tell if she will actually make it to the new home.

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