Danielle Busby Put Kids At Risk For Promotional Reasons?

Danielle Busby, YouTube, Instagram

Is OutDaughtered mom Danielle Busby putting her kids at risk just so she can promote products and make money? Fans are concerned about her latest actions, and here’s why.

Due to their family being in the public eye, Adam and Danielle sometimes receive criticism for how they raise their kids. Fans have called them out in the past for not keeping their six daughters safe. Adam sometimes even fights back at the haters.

Danielle has two million Instagram followers, so there are many eyes on her social media posts at all times. While she does receive love from fans, not everyone has positive things to say. So, what are fans freaking out about now?

Danielle Busby, YouTube

Is Danielle Busby risking her kids’ safety for promotional reasons?

On her Instagram page this week, Danielle posted a photo of herself, her kids, and some friends out on a boat. She wrote, “Had the best time out on the boat today!”

Danielle, Adam, Blayke, Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Parker, and Riley all seem to be enjoying their time out on the water.

The OutDaughtered mama also took this opportunity to promote her kids’ swimsuits. The girls are all posing and showing off their cute bathing suits. As you can see, none of the kids are wearing life jackets while on the boat.

You can see one of the photos below.

Danielle Busby Instagram

OutDaughtered fans are outraged over this move.

After seeing this new post from Danielle Busby, fans shared their concerns on Reddit.

Many of them are pointing out that Danielle seems to be prioritizing promotional content over her kids’ safety. They were shocked to see that none of the kids on the boat are wearing life jackets.

One fan writes, “You can’t look good for your Instagram pictures and advertise swimsuits with life jackets on. Any negative comments were probably dealt with swift justice of Adam deleting it or trash talking them.”

Another fan says, “Unbelievably irresponsible parenting, can you imagine getting into a boat wreck and having that many children go into the water with no vest- absolute disaster.”

Danielle Busby Instagram

On Danielle Busby’s Instagram post, there are no negative comments about the kids not wearing life jackets. But on Reddit, the Busbys can’t control what people say.

Fortunately, it looks like no one ended up getting hurt. Maybe the kids only took their life jackets off for a minute to take a picture and show off their swimsuits and then put them back on.

So, do you think that Danielle Busby was risking her kids’ safety, or do you think fans are overreacting? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more OutDaughtered family news.

Yep, not a single life jacket on any of them.
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