‘OutDaughtered’ Adam Busby Attacked By ‘Creepy’ Fan He Hits Back Hard

Adam Busby, YouTube

OutDaughtered star Adam Busby was attacked by a “creepy” fan online, so he jumped in and clapped back. Keep reading to see what went down on social media.

Adam Busby, YouTube

OutDaughtered fans leave ‘creepy’ comments.

In a new Instagram post, Adam Busby shared a short video as he hung out with his daughter, Olivia, by the pool. He wrote, “Sometimes they cling… I’ll take it.”

Both Adam and Olivia look very happy to be enjoying some time together. Summer recently kicked off for the Busby girls, so they’re starting to soak up the sun and play in the pool.

Because they are by the pool, Adam is shirtless and wearing a pair of swim trunks, which aren’t really visible in the video. One OutDaughtered fan took issue with this, asking, “Why are you almost naked in front of your daughter?”

A few more fans “liked” the comment, seemingly agreeing with it.

However, other fans called the commenter “creepy” and questioned why they would even ask such a thing. They are pointing out that the comment was “ignorant.”

Adam Busby hits back at fans.

In response to the “creepy” fan, Adam wrote, “How do dogs keep commenting on my posts.. ? Seems like the dogs and cats are always the most critical and judge also…. I’m in my back yard with a bathing suit on…”

As you can see below, the fan who commented and questioned Adam’s post used a dog as their profile picture rather than using a photo of themselves. It looks like Adam thinks they’re hiding behind a dog photo instead of showing their face and truly owning their comment.

17 hours after he had hit back, Adam Busby received 178 likes on his comment. So, it looks like many of his followers agree with the sentiment.

Adam Busby Instagram
Adam Busby Instagram

One fan also replied, telling Adam he’s a “great dad” and asked why he bothered to respond to such a “stupid” question.

It looks like Adam isn’t afraid to shut down the haters when they come for him. After all, many of his other followers agree he’s not doing anything wrong by swimming in the pool with his kids. And his fans are happy to back him up and defend him.

So, can you believe that Adam Busby received these comments from his “creepy” fans? Do you like his response? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more OutDaughtered news.

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  1. What?? We live in Texas, by the pools, lakes and ocean or relaxing in our backyards. Daddies always be running around without their tees, it’s hot in Texas. Quit being creep and asking stupid questions.

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